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Well it seems that @steem.leo has become a Brave Browser Verified Creator which give it another financing option both in terms of users flow and in establishing a new channel of tribe's income .
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I think all of you are already familiar with the Brave browser itself. To make story short, it's chromium based web browser that is focused on your privacy with built-in an advertisement system that's designed to reward content creators and web publishers while keeping your private info to you and only you.
For more watch the video

or visit site.

Back to the point
Wouldn't it be wise to follow good example of other tribes? To make it even better, tribes or even can follow the example of other brave creators like:

NameAlexa Global Rank
The Guardian136

The above list should tell you it's a thing one should at least consider taking part in.

An issue
Of course, in order to receive BAT donations, there's a need to establish rules on how to use those for the tribe's greater good.
On one hand, tokens can be sold and then PALs could be bought, helping with price fluctuations of latter.
On the other, those funds can be tunneled into advertising of tribe outside of steem ecosystem.
They can also be directed to help newcommers to create accounts as it is problematic for most.

What's actually best about the whole Brave is that their are in process of BAT airdrops, so right now in order to obtain tokens you need only to download the browser, enable BAT in options and use it from time to time.
I use it as my primary mobile browser, so you can check it in your appstore as well.

You can download the browser right from the site
You can also use a referral link here

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