Legendary In My Daily Rewards

in palnet •  last year 

Hey everyone! It has been a little while since I have posted. Been kind of busy lately, but I am hoping to start posting again. So for today’s post, I thought I would show my little bit of luck I had with my DQ yesterday evening.

It has been a little while since I got a legendary, so I am very happy to add another black dragon to my deck. It is worth between $1.50-$2 on the market, so not bad ROI for the day. How have your rewards been lately?

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

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Its good to hear about this amazing reward.

I'm super excited too and I don't even play! I do love !popcorn though.

You always seem confused but excited.... I am seeing a trend.

"Easily amused" might be a description. ;)


Haha! Thanks @summertooth! And the popcorn was delicious :)

You got it Seeker and, I guess, thank you for the popcorn as well.

Thanks @arslan.leo

Your welcome dear.

Congrats!! Its alwasy good to pull legendary!. Of all the cards, I only have 3 of these. I got so many Rulers of the Seas, Lord A, and Unicorns vs the Dragon. Its a bit strange!

Thanks @senstless! It has been a little while, but I am glad I got another one. Ruler has been the least pulled for me and the others have been about the same. Hopefully we can start raking them in. Haha!


Thanks @abh12345.spt!