Our Power Went Out, So Tonight Will Be A Splinterlands Post

in palnet •  last year  (edited)

As you have read from the title, our power has gone out this evening. We have gotten some stronger rain this evening and that may have been the cause, but I guess we will wait and see. So, for tonight’s post, it will be quick. Below is a recent Orb purchase on Splinterlands. Lets see how I did.

I have bought a few orbs, but I have been relatively lucky so far. I think I will continue my luck as I earn DEC. The most notable card from the bunch was a GF Common Fire Splinter. He has been a great addition to my game and comes in pretty handy.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Congrats for being lucky. I lucky few and far between lol but I never got such cards as this is juts my starting.

Thanks @ikrahch! I know when I first started I felt the same way and then I finally hit a card or two that was pretty good. I know it will start picking up for you soon.

To help you out, I will send you a few cards you don't have yet. Best of luck!