48 Seconds

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This weekend I invested in something that hopefully will give me great dividends in the future. And it wasn’t stocks, a new cryptocurrency, or anything similar. I bought something that will provide me with the one asset that we have a limited supply, and the one that is for me the most precious of them all:



I have a pretty old laptop, a Toshiba with around 10 years. I have considered just buying a new one a number of times; but the fact is, it pains me to get rid of something that still works for me. Its main problem: it’s slow!! And all the time waiting to boot and be ready to run an internet browser, the time spent to open a photo, to manage multiple programs, all adds up to one thing: WASTED TIME! One might think it’s just a few more seconds, but at the end of a week, I guess I was probably losing too much time for something that could and should be done way quicker. And more time = more productivity!

So finally, decided to do something about it, and tried to give some new life to this old laptop with one of the two possible ways to do it: a brand new SSD hard drive. SSD drives work almost 10 times faster than a normal HDD, and I expected to be able to gain back some of that wasted wasted time.


I coupled it with a brand new OS installation and after everything was in place… there it was.

48 seconds

That’s how long it takes now, from pressing that On switch, to be able to open an internet browser! Probably a forth or fifth of the time before installing it!
Sure, a clean system also helps, but the response times in the various processes are incredibly faster than I ever remember. Everything is done quicker, and I have the feeling as if I had a brand new computer.

So, if you have an old laptop, consider getting a new SSD drive before putting it to rest. Investment wise, they are pretty affordable right now. The money saved from buying a new laptop can be placed to better use, and the extra time available… is priceless! Time is sometimes undervalued, and something we should all thrive to get more, or manage better!

PS. Getting more RAM would be the other option to help improve speed, but I’m so glad so far with only the SSD that I’m waiting a few more weeks and see how things go. If any of the computer savys out there have a diferent opinion and believe adding the extra RAM should be done sooner than later… I would appreciate the feedback!


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