Top 30 cards price to max update + liquidity issues getting better

11 months ago
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After the posting about how bad liquidity issues were and our post about how users can now list 100 cards at a time it looks like some listing has been done in the last couple days.

  • 10 of the 18 cards that didn't even have enough BCX to buy a maxed card now do... and 2 cards have enough to have more normal rates


8 Cards Still don't have enough listed cards to provide a max card

  • Spineback turtle
  • Silvershield Warrior
  • Spineback wolf
  • Peaceful Giant
  • Chicken
  • Beetle Queen
  • Naga Windmaster


Keep in mind this represents the new order of the top 30 cards from the last time I did the data gathering.
This is not specifically the top 30 right now. Just where the top 30 from last time fall into place now that liquidity issues are helped.

#nameLow BCX priceMax Price Via Bulkcompared to bcx*maxbeta 1 diamond 9754gold 8643beta silver 5432
112prince rennyn32412.05417.06%412.054182.054105.5
130Archmage Arius391391---%---------
62elven cutthroat0.433246.70412.82%13295.51411.942
68magi sphinx3.95236.51930.17%96.06943.7523.7
72xander foxwood2.933213.59358.31%82.68436.79418.79
110plado emberstorm16.67188.943.04%188.9488.9452.96
109crypt mancer13.4157.446.81%157.446742.9
38tyrus paladium1.199156.26613.33%77.15843.29813.19
116Fiendish Harpy2.4152.76838.38%63.23831.95815.889
35Feral Spirit0.184146.74957.93%68.59936.34.594
56selenia sky12141.6147.28%141.61463.9937.99
113the peakrider12141.4697.17%141.46960.9936
125Currupted Pegasus12.37137.7011.20%137.70160.80436.05
32Swamp Thing2.2132.56831.00%59.08827.24414.49
42Defender of Truth1.833121.13443.66%47.97420.9411
129Dwarven Wizard2.3118.7212.21%66.7834.8316.76
14Crustacian King0.221113.9042.06%70.69840.2566.134
16alric storm0.957110-0.05%62.4341.34812.43
31Magi of the Forest1.833107.78827.84%49.95821.4511
82lord arianthus9107.458.54%107.454530
36Silvershield Knight0.07276.354109.99%44.3127.9351.969
40Silvershield Paladan0.571.79624.86%36.45620.1486.004
128Enchanted Defender0.13970-0.28%93.46138.6234.586
66enchanted pixie0.60970-0.05%53.24832.0888.908
9Fire Demon1.087500.00%36.615.410.13

What to make of it all

  • We hope to see more and more cards get listed in the market to help with the health of the market but also to hopefully get more new users able to buy cards and enter the game.
  • I still like that percentage indicator in the 5th column... i think it may be able to show what cards have low liquidity and may either warn buyers to be careful about buying a lot. But it also may tell sellers which cards may be best to list because the prices may quickly go up because of that lack of liquidity.
  • Fire Demon and Shaman both dropped significantly after they had more cards in the market.
  • You can see that the knight at 109% really shouldn't be that highly valued still... meaning it probably has the worst liquidity of all the cards in the above list.
  • You can also see the enchanted defender is just barely on the list of cards with enough liquidity. One card purchase and it could be off it's only on here because someone posted a max card. Same probably with the pixie.


  • Also take note I've published information about Diamond, gold and silver type decks if you're interested.
  • I think it's important not to just compare to the MAX value but to the silver as well. In fact the silver may be the best indicator of the value of a card... however legendary always is way skewed compared to the other rarities so compare legendaries to eachother and then the other 3 compare to eachother.


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