Me with my son the year he was born

9 months ago
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I was leaning on my 1976 Ford Torino 4 Door car I had and this was taken in 1992 probably by my wife at the time. My (ex-)wife & I were married from 1989 - 2011 but we separated in Jan. 2001
I waited 10 years for her to get the divorce done and she could have done it for free but I had to pay to have it done and it took a lot of extra stuff because she moved to a different state. Anyway, I have some pictures of my son from when he was little that I scanned and I thought this was a good one to post. My son is 27 now and I get to see pictures of him and his family on facebook so maybe I should try to save some. Or I could ask him to email me some I guess. I should send him what I have of him when I get them all together in a folder.

Just a quick post again tonight because I'm working on other things in my computer files and I needed a break from those other files I'm working on and sorting. I also wanted to check on my CTP, LEO, UFM, etc. :-)