J.P.Morgans evil roots - Banksters Modus Operandi

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Financial Crises

Worlds monetary system is slowly collapsing and the reasons for it are quite obvious. FED printing money like crazy trying to bail out their associates, along with many other malicious acts will end up as a disaster.

For those who don't believe it, here is a graph that's showing how much money is being printed on a daily bases.

Nevertheless today i wanted to go all the way back to 1893 where J.P.Morgan and his associates directed the first financial crises, thus made a fundamental ground for their further expansion. The reason for it lays in the fact that most people like to label such historical events as a conspiracy theories which is wrong premise that must be corrected.

You wont believe what this motherfuckers are capable of and how far they're willing to go just to ensure and usurp the power which wasn't given to them in the first place.

How it all Started

In order for Morgans Group to end up being a decisive monetary power in the US, it was necessary to make few malicious steps and corrupted machinations that will enable them to prosper.
After US civil war ended American Ministry of finance has accepted gold and silver as a monetary backup. It was real bimetallic system proven to be sustainable.

There has been a lot of silver placed within the US which consequently resulted with farmers and small shop owners to advocate for silver to be fundamental base for gaining cheap credits among with gold. This way it should have been much easier to gain the momentum and eventually stimulate economic growth.

Of course, financial establishment wasn't in favor of such system and here's why.

New York bankers along with their allies from the City of London, who were the heart of the worlds gold standard at the time, didn't want to support silver as currency base. It was crucial for them to bind America to an exclusive golden standard as their power would be much greater.

The central man for J.P. Morgan was John Griffin Carlisele Minister of Finance in the Cleveland Democratic presidential government. Cleveland was a local and average politician until he received financial support from Morgan.

J.P. Morgan took over the US Gold Reserves in early 1893. Specifically, the pursuit of the gold reserves began early that same year, shortly after President Cleveland's second inauguration, and was secretly encouraged by J.P. Morgan and August Belmont (represented Rothschilds interest within the US) . The related London banks began selling millions of US bonds, which were in their possession and demanded payment in gold.

At the time, the US Treasury Department was required by law to repurchase those bonds in gold or silver.

Powerful silver lobby advocated for bonds to be payed with silver but the last decision was given to John Griffin Carlisele who was closely related with Morgan and Belmont.

Only few months later golden reserves melted under 100 000 000 dollars, which was the minimum required for dollar to remain stable.

Executing Malicious Plan

J.P.Morgan along with Belmont convinced Cleveland to sell them bonds at privileged prices. In return, they paid those bonds in gold, and shortly afterwards, at a much higher price, they sold the same bonds to regional banks, insurance companies and others, thus accumulating huge amounts of money.

The deal was not legal and punishable as abuse of privileged information in a securities promotion.

President Cleveland has sold over 162 000 000 dollars worth of bonds to Morgans private banks just before anti corruption World (New York newspapers) discovered it and exposed to the outside world. The journalist behind it is known as Joseph Pulitzer.

In regards to all the events it's rational to assume that they continued with the same practice. Just for the record, it's even easier for them to manipulate the market these days when they have FED as the main tool.

Keep your shit straight, we're about to get hit like never before. Looking forward seeing how Bitcoin reacts in such circumstances.

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