One reason I still play Splinterlands / Swapping DTC for moar cards!

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3 years ago - 2 minutes read

I play the daily quest on Splinterlands almost daily, and although my deck is not so up with the times and it can take up to 30/40 minutes to complete the quest, this is one reason to keep on turning up.

Yesterday, was the second day of the new season and I'd been placed back in the Gold 3 league. Here, cards are not running at max abilities due to reduced Summoner capabilities, and the number of rewards chests is only 8. It's not usually my favourite part of the season for those reasons, and there does seem to be tough opposition (better/more players?) at this level - It's a bit of grind, even if you quite like the game.

I started my quest for the day at 18:04 local time and played 12 games through to 18:44 when I claimed my reward chests. I was doing other things as well it seems - transferring Hive-Engine tokens, a little bit of Rabona, and some Cryptobrewmaster too, but those probably didn't cut into the time too much. Oh, and some Scrabble against my mum - she starts messaging me if I've not played any of the 15 or so games we have running at present 😵

Anyway, back to 18:44 and.... ohhh, it's shaking (legendary), and oooh, the crystallizing sorta sound, a gold one!


This one!


The slight chance that a card like this will drop is one of the main reasons I play each day, and it was 'won' at Gold 3 level which I suspect does not require a large investment into the game.

My first thought, and what I did the last time this happened, was 'sell!'. I'm unlikely to collect more of these, but the last gold legendary I sold has doubled in price since soo, maybe I'll keep it. I also mentioned it to a fellow player who thinks cards like this could be useful when Lands arrives, so for now, I'll keep Mr Dog and see what happens.

DTC tokens > Splinterlands Cards

Today has been another good day for my deck as collected 9 more decent cards in a trade for some tokens I wasn't aware I had. It seems there is a dtube airdrop of DTC underway, and I'm in the list!

I did register for dtube earlier this year (which is a requirement for the airdrop) but had totally forgotten about the airdrop and at the time didn't expect the tokens to be worth anything. Also, the boss has left a shitty-ass comment on a post of mine earlier this year so I wasn't interested in supporting the project - but hey, I'll take some tokens to sell/swap for something I do find value in...





Gold Alphas, and some other decent early cards too - Not bad for some tokens you'd forgotten about.

I wonder if/what 3speak (a project I much prefer) are planning for an airdrop, those ones I'll probably keep a hold of and try to collect.

Thanks to @dontstopmenow for giving me the heads up about the DTC airdrop, and also wanting to trade me some cards for my DTC.

This morning:


Just now:


Not bad at all 😃



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