AskLeo - Are All The Shitcoins Going To Pump Like in 2017?

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2021 has been an amazing year for crypto, although some of us are seemingly overlooking that, due to recent FUD, a crypto market correction and underwater bags... Wait, is anyone still underwater?...

Probably not, but I believe not too many have matched the reality of their portfolios with their vision they had one or two years ago. I sure know mine isn't where I was expecting it to be. Not complaining, doing fine, got my initial investment out long time ago.


We haven't had a euphoria stage yet, where every shitcoin pops like there's no tomorrow, I am sure of that. Yes, we've had DOGE and SHIB and SAFEMOON that made some people a lot of money while others have bought the tops of such shitcoins, but overall we've been pretty cool.

It's probably that the bull market is not over yet and that's why we don't have price action similar to December-January 2017, but from a fundamentals point of view we're fine. Nations accepting Bitcoin as legal tender, banks getting involved, even damn Soros is allowing his employees to trade Bitcoin.

Life couldn't be better for Bitcoin.

Crypto market participants are still immature, Elon Musk included, as you can see for yourselves in the screenshot above from one of his recent tweets. He's probably still the richest man in the world, at least from a public list perspective, as I don't see many rotcshilds and rockefelers included in any top richest folks chart, but when it comes to crypto he's damn imature.

I bet those(rockefellers and rotschilds) have way more money than Elon does, but that's a story for another post. Back in 2017 every shitcoin has had its show, including NXT that got me rekt really hard, but was wondering recently, will the history repeat?

Will this bull market "offer the chance" to every dying project to make money during the euphoria phase, or we're gonna have a fundamentals only based final pump? What do you think?

Thanks for attention, Adrian

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