If There is a Blockchain Fixing Anything in The World Right Now, Like Actually Fixing, Not Promising to Fix, Then This is Hive... Not Bitcoin...

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I've said it multiple times on my blog by now and will say it again: Bitcoin maxis are probably the most toxic maxis that are out there in the crypto world. Why? Well, it's because they can' see past the "shining light" that Bitcoin is...

Don't get me wrong, I love Bitcoin. Crypto exists because Bitcoin is, but from this point to the one of there's no second best there's a long path of alternatives to Bitcoin. Yes, Bitcoin can have alternatives and in this post, I will be stating my case for why Hive is an alternative to Bitcoin.

In the past three years, the HIVE blockchain has rewarded authors 15M USD, or on average 5M per year. These are authors rewards only, that authors received with zero invectment, but only for their contribution to the ecosystem. Cumulative all the rewards are close to 50M. @dalz

Hive is a three years old blockchain, a society, as I like to call it, that started as a fork of Steem(not a replica) and ended up being one of the fastest, cheapest to use, and most lucrative blockchains that exist in the crypto sphere. Hive has pretty much "helicoptered" $5M USD per year to content creators all across the world.

That's "free internet money"(sort of) for whoever decided to be an active part of the "social side of Hive". Meanwhile, Bitcoin has zero functionality in doing that. Does that make Hive better than Bitcoin?... Define "better", sir...

Well, to some of us Hive is indeed better than Bitcoin, and that comes from someone who has dedicated hundreds of posts to Bitcoin so far, so let me tell you why Hive is better than Bitcoin.

To be able to get into Bitcoin you must have cash so you can buy your share of it. No one will give you any for free, especially the maxis who brag so much about it, but do so little about mass adopting it and all they do with the damn coins is HODL. And if you want to own a whole coin, then you will have to pay close to $28k, at the current exchange rate to buy one.

With Hive, you can literally start from scratch and earn some, as I did... and many others like me. I don't know the exact costs of creating a Hive account these days, but I bet it's insignificant, and as soon as you got yourself onboarded you are part of an economy that can make you a millionaire if you have the right mindset.

Even your introductory post can earn you a few tens of dollars. I have seen several such posts earning big bucks and this is something you will not get on Bitcoin. The blockchain will never "reward your first transaction/interaction with the blockchain". Never. It doesn't care about you. You're just a sequence of letters and numbers on the ledger. Pretty much like what we all are for the system.

Does Bitcoin have a second layer? Well, I guess that's what they call the lightning network, but what does the lightning network really do in the real world? Not much... What actually happens on Hive's L2? Well, just look at Leofinance, Splinterlands, and communities such as #proofofprain, and take into consideration Threespeak Network which is not yet launched, and Ragnarok.

Is Bitcoin more secure than Hive? Probably... But...

The ultimate attack on Hive is called a “$$ attack”

W/o a premine, this means the buyer needs to buy enough HIVE via the free market to sustainably control 51% of voting

The ultimate defense is a community fork, nullifying the $$ attack judo style while enriching the community

People often ask me how you attack Hive. We are a crazy bunch, we actually want to be attacked. This is what we have prepared so long for.

This is a series of tweets by @theycallmedan stating the case for a Hive takeover and how such a hostile takeover can be annihilated by the community, as we did with Justin Skunk, which makes me say that while Bitcoin's weapon of defense is POW, Hive's such tool is community.

Oh, then there's HBD. So, the idea that Bitcoin maxis keep emphasizing is that Bitcoin is able to change the current financial world. No, it can't... It will for sure become a hedge against inflation and government crookedness alongside gold in the future, and probably Ethereum will join them too, but HBD of Hive can play a better role at actually changing the way we currently deal with money than Bitcoin does.

HBD... @taskmaster4450 has had so many posts already on HBD and how it can become an alternative for much of what we now call the financial system as a whole so I suggest you take a couple of days off and start reading. Bitcoin doesn't have that... Bitcoin doesn't even have a community. It doesn't produce anything. It just "lets blocks being mined" and rewards miners based on the law of code.

Now, I am aware that you can't simply put two blockchains like Hive and Bitcoin side by side and decide and "absolute best", but if you want to feed bias there's gonna be a lot of proof to be found on why Hive is better than Bitcoin for you. When you claim that there's no second best you already sound fascist...

It's like saying an omelet is the best food you can have, no matter what... Best food for who, at what time of the day, and for what period of time?... In what quantities?... Etc, etc... If there is some blockchain fixing anything in the world right now, like actually fixing, not promising to fix, then this is Hive... Not Bitcoin...

People are having access to fresh water in Ghana thanks to Hive and I'm paying for "my water" with Hive money too. Let that sink in... ;)

OK, so the post could have undoubtedly gotten longer but I bet you got the gist of it by now. And I hope @edicted doesn't mind I used his lil tweet as the main image for this post. Even if he minds that... what can he do to remove it?! Take over my account :)?

Thanks for your attention, Adrian

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