My Hive Story... What's Yours?

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This trend is getting some traction lately and although I wasn't a fan of writing based on other people's ideas, I will give this one a try because I like the spine on which all has been added. I got to say that it's actually @dragosroua that triggered me in doing this after he tagged me in his post.

From what I read on the post of Dragos, it seems that @snook and @whatsup are "the trend leaders" so I'll have to give them credit, before actually jumping into this thing.



1. How long have you been on the Blockchain?

According to hiveblocks it's 51 moons and on February, 2022, I will be four years on this chain, but as @belemo likes to call himself, I'm blockchained for life.

2. What was your background in cryptocurrency when you first came to the Blockchain?

Quite minimal I'd say. I owned some cryptos, was trading a bit in such a bad bad way, was losing money, watching more youtube videos on what's going to moon next than educating myself on the tech and was definitely wasting the most epic parabolic run in crypto of all times...

3. What was your background in writing when you first came to the Blockchain?

None, zero. I had never blogged prior to joining Hive(Steem) and started it all from scratch. English language not being my first one, made it even more difficult, but I jumped on the bull and never stopped ridding ever since. Hive made me what I am today.

4. How many people did you know when you first came to the Blockchain?

Absolutely no one. The interesting fact about my experience with joining Hive is that the one who told me about it, a good friend who introduced me to crypto has never joined it. He found out about it from a youtube video, knew I was passionate about tech and thought I could monetize that passion. So, here I am, I was airdropped in here all by myself, but managed to make myself some really nice community around here.

5. How did you meet people when you first came to the Blockchain?

It hasn't been a smooth ride. I was stubbornly acting like a lone wolf for the first few good months, posting four times a day, but not engaging at all. I guess I learned the engaging thing from @toofasteddie.

6. Who did you look up to when you first came to the Blockchain?

Nobody... As I wrote previously, I was more of a lone wolf and the only thing I was looking for was getting upvotes, increasing my reputation score and earning tokens... Bad strategy indeed.

7. How would you describe your first three months on the Blockchain?

Quite similar to my first three months in Germany. Didn't understand much of how things were going around here, had no direction, a bit frustrated when looking around, but my goal of making this experience a great one has never left me. Hive has been my best therapist in overcoming depression and anxiety attacks, too. It really helped me in so many ways by keeping me connected to a positive world, rather than my falling one.

8. Has being a part of the Blockchain changed you in any way for the good?

Hell yeah... All that I am as an online person right now is thanks to Hive. Most of my crypto education is formed by consuming Hive content. It helped achieve more, become more and it's also my only source of income. Hive has changed me in so many ways... starting from being more disciplined and focused, to shifting my mentality towards money and wealth to a healthier one.

9. What is your favorite memory from your time on the Blockchain?

When @edicted followed me :D. Honestly, I don't know if I have one favorite memory. It's all been like a stream, but lets say the fork from Steem could fit as the best memory because it was coming after a period of so much frustration caused by Ned and Justin Sun and right at the time when everything seems to be falling apart.

10. If you could advise a new person signing up to Hive, what would it be?

Don't rush, but be consistent... Take the time to explore and understand the blockchain and its communities before pouring posts on anyone's feed. My advantage is that I was pretty consistent, in my own stubbornness, but I wish I would have taken more time to educate myself and explore communities before rushing to make myself a name as a content creator. Passion pays, though, I guarantee it.

That was about it. What's your story?

Thanks for attention, Adrian

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