My One Year Experience With Leofinance. How "A Leo" Found His Pride And Maxed His Earnings on The Hive Blockchain

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It's been one year since I have become a "permanent resident" of the Leofinance community, not exactly 365 days, but I'm sure you got the gist. I am a Hive user for close to four years now, I'll actually "be four" in February, 2021, and it's my best online experience, hands down.

Hive(previously Steem) is the place, or should I say the blockchain, that made me a blogger. Mind you that English language is not my native one, but the fire was so intense that I struggled to give my best to my followers, most of them not able to comprehend my native language if I were to use it for my blog, thus I had to "talk and write the universal one".

I haven't always been "a Leofinance LEO", because I sometimes am a fool and also quite stubborn. A couple of community members such as @toofasteddie, @empoderat and @trumpman have encouraged me to join Leofinance many months before I actually decided to do so, but it took me a while to actually make the step. I'm a lion as a zodiacal sign as well and we're not that easy to convince.

Why do I blog on Leofinance

My content on the Hive blockchain hasn't always been mostly related to crypto and finance, I can say that I have posts on almost every topic you can imagine, but I have been blockchained for quite a few years now and being in touch with this space almost day and night it would have been such a pity not to dedicate more content on Hive to crypto related topics.

Leofinance is much more than a community and a milking cow

That coming from a user who has indeed milked the cow pretty decent...

This Hive community has almost all one crypto head needs. You've got lots of people alike posting content related to crypto and finance on a daily basis, we've got the best curators on Hive, hands down, and this project offers also the option of engaging in DeFi, for whoever likes to. The team has already launched a great mobile app and we're gonna soon have a sort of alternative twitter mobile app as well, Leofinance branded.

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How has Leofinance changed my personal finances for the better?

Lets see, October 2020 was about the time when my business collaboration in the field of tourism, that I had in my town, was pretty much ending, the peak of tourism around here is during the months of July-August and it fades away during the fall. No perspective of any income around here for at least six months... At leas not in the industry I was part of for quite a few years.

I started putting out content on Leofinance, the WLEO liquidity pool got hacked, LEO - the community token tanked, the team managed to refund the ones affected, brought WLEO back to life, LEO recovered from a few cents in dollar valuation, after the dip and got to $1 and that's the end of the story... I am making thousands a week from blogging on Leofinance and am the happiest person on earth...

Not really...

It took me a while to integrate myself as a community member and a content creator and if memory serves right, according to some stats of @dalz, I even managed to be the best paid content creator in a month, I don't remember the month though...

I am not rich and will probably never be, but lets not forget that 2021 is still a year economically affected by covid, but despite that, I finally managed to become a full time blogger, after almost three years, living entirely on my earnings from Hive/Leofinance and most of that accomplishment is due to the Leofinance community.

How much do I earn?

Hard to say... You know crypto, it goes up and down and it's like it was never designed to be stable. I am not a good accountant, but I'd say that my monthly earnings are somewhere between $600 and $2,000. I guess I never exceeded $2,000 and it was for just one month, but what's relevant is that this thing is paying the bills and everything aside. Mind you that I live in Romania and life's not expensive in here.


Easy... I am non stop connected to the crypto world, I love crypto and I want to do this for my whole life, I find it easy peasy to blog about it, found myself some nice people that appreciate my content and upvote it and so far I'm more than pleased with my crypto earnings from Leofinance and Hive.

It's not enough to just show up and throw a post or two a day to be able to make a difference to your personal finances, through Leofinance. It is a community and engagement is highly encouraged. If you don't have the money to buy LEO off the market, power up and curate content, at least say hi once in a while, dedicate time and talk with people around here, express yourself.

How long will I stick with Leofinance

I don't know... I simply don't find any reason why not be here, so if you're new to Hive, or just reading this post that you found on someone's tweet, or YouTube comment section, join Hive and consider Leofinance as your tribe. We're nice people around here and who doesn't like crypto nice people?

Thanks for attention, Adrian

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