My Personal Great Reset: I'm "Almost" All In Crypto...

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2 months ago - 3 minutes read

There has been a lot going on in the world lately... We're witnessing the dollar's supremacy as a reserve currency getting threatened lately, massive protests in France against a tyrannical and fascist government system(Macron), and also a clear push from the governments towards implementing CBDCs. And NO, CBDCs are not FED coins or anything like that.

More on this topic in a future post. Today I want to share with you guys the bet I took with myself: I am almost all in crypto... When I say almost I mean that I only have left something like $800 in savings. My only income right now comes from crypto(Hive), my savings account now is a crypto account(altcoins, some of them generating passive income) and my only way of fighting what's to come is to position myself on the bright shore of wealth river's banks.

A couple of days ago I took the decision to put another $2,000 in crypto and bought some AI coins. My bet on these ones is mostly out of hype because I'm not a fan of AI. The way I see it AI coins will be the hype of this cycle, a bull cycle that started a few months ago, and I want to position myself as best I can for the most returns I can get on my investments.

The decision somehow came out of nowhere, but subconsciously it has a lot of frustration and unfulfillment fueling it. I have well over five years since I entered crypto and my gains are minimal. I guess I can say that the only thing that has been insanely rewarding so far has been my activity on Hive. In the case of my personal investments, I have pretty much-screwed everything so far.


I owned 588,000 DOGE back in 2019 and sold them for a bit over $1000 before the bull market started rallying in full swing and I did that because I paid too much attention to CT(lots of so-called influencers saying back then that coins like DOGE won't pump anymore and that only "fundamentals backed coins" will perform=.

Afterward, I hesitated in getting back into the market and when covid hit I mostly sold from the ETH that I owned(something like 10 of them) to cover my living expenses instead of HODL and spend cash from my savings. I ended up buying crypto in the late 2020-beginning of 2021(LINK and ATOM) and held all the way down the hype cycle into mid-2021.

Then the LUNA episode came. I thought I would make good money buying it after the insane fall it had and actually ended up catching falling knives all the way down to $2 from something like $32(my first entry). I could not eat for a day after losing $3,500 with that shit. I am such a moron, I know that... I am a moron that has a dream though, of finally reaching financial independence and doing that with crypto(something that I really love).

I don't know if my investments will really make that happen(financial independence), but if I will finally be that lucky then I might be able to buy my first home. Been living in my parents' one for a few years and renting almost my entire life. I know it's not advised to put into crypto more than you can afford to lose, but I actually did that.

I kinda had no choice left at this point in life. Either screw everything up or go home a winner.

I felt the inspiration to do that something like a couple of days ago, and based on the external factors that I mentioned in the introduction I pulled the trigger.

It is now nothing but a game of patience and mental equilibrium for the months and years to come but I feel like I now have the chance to turn around all the bad luck I've had so far. I bought too many tops and sold too many bottoms, I guess it's time I should do the opposite.

I didn't even want to write about this because I somehow feel overexposed, but we're a crypto community here and I also feel OK about sharing personal life experiences with you guys. I did it... I really did it...

Wish me luck, now... Cuz I really need a lot of it. If it goes well, you will hear from me, but if not you're probably not going to see me active for a while...

Thanks for your attention, Adrian

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