Trump's Trifecta: Why He Could Win the Presidential Election by Fighting Deep State, Potential WW3, Inflation, and Transgender Madness

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2 months ago - 4 minutes read

Donald Trump is probably the most charismatic president the United States has ever had. The orange man "has balls", and a big mouth, and despite not ending any war/conflict that America was already involved in when he took over the office he might have a high chance of winning the elections again.

I don't know precisely when the presidential elections will take place in the US, my guess is early 2024, but so far there are three candidates that I see as worthy of being elected as president of the United States of America. There will be only one, but if I were an American I'd rather vote for DeSantis, Trump, or Kenedy JR.

Probably Kenedy JR is my favorite, but for the sake of the theme of this post let's talk about Donald Trump and why he has a high chance of getting reelected in America. First and foremost Joe Biden is a disgrace that got in that seat in a fraudulent way, which will play an important role in future elections, in case he still wants to candidate... and if he manages to finish his current term alive.


The man is old, senile, and doesn't probably have much to live anymore... I also have a feeling that "he's faked", meaning that he has an impersonator for most of the noteworthy meetings that he has to take place. Anyway, back to Trump...

I watched a few of his latest footage from a visit he made to Texas during some sort of a presidential campaign and I liked what I heard from him. I know that this is campaigning and candidates usually make bold statements to get elected but the man mentioned the deep state, transgender issues in America, all the fuckery in schools regarding this shit, inflation, and... WW3. Big bold and noisy topics to tackle.

Not many are open to talking in public about the deep state, though, but this thing is real and imo such a group of influential people called the deep state are ruling over America right now whilst Biden and his two bitches(Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi) are there just for the show. The deep state is a serious threat to the true state and if we pay attention to history a bit, the public denunciation of the deep state is what killed JFK.

Then there's this transgender psyop which is hilarious and disturbing at the same time that Trump mentioned in his speeches. This thing is surreal to me. No matter how much makeup a man would wear or what dresses he would put on him, as long as he's wearing a penis he's a man... This transgender shit show that has been unleashed in the US lately and encouraged by the likes of Kamala Harris and other prominent politicians is hurting especially the little ones.


At an early age, one can be directed easily towards choosing the "wrong way" and getting into a chaotic and unhealthy lifestyle and this is what this LGBT movement is all about. Under Trump, such trends wouldn't have a long life. Then there's WW3 and inflation...

Whether we like it or not, or whether we acknowledge it or not, the US kind of started the war in Ukraine and no, the war has created no inflation(covid kind of did it). Otherwise, there wouldn't be a war over there, cuz America "poked the bear" and then funded the fight further. Without it, there would be no war between Russia and Ukraine. That simple...

Many American citizens, and not only, have already seen the reality behind this war and would put an end to it in an instant, but they can't, and when you have a president(candidate) who "promises" to put an end to that "thin ice walking" of risking into getting into a WW3 by fueling dangerous behavior regarding the Ukraine war, you go and vote for that guy...

It's that simple. I don't know how he's gonna fix inflation, but mentioning it goes well for marketing.

635925171091768036TrumpMcCain 1.jpeg

China has already made it clear that it is "friends with Russia" while the US is far from being friendly with China in the least way possible, and Belarus will host nuclear tactical weapons for Russia... We're living in dangerous times and we shouldn't play with fire(Putin). Trump on the other hand was probably the only president of the US that has ever had a "good formal relationship" with Putin...

This will play heavily during the elections and it's another ace that Trump has in his pocket to win the elections. Americans have had enough of sending taxpayer money to that "homosexual in Ukraine", as some Trump supporter was shouting in a speech today. Trump knows that, and he's playing a good card with this one...

I don't know much about DeSantis, although I liked how he handled the pandemic, so far Trump has a head start imo and he might win the office again. He might do that... Which would be bullish not only for America but the rest of the world as well. Biden has screwed up the well-being of all of us around the world for a few good years now and it's time he goes home(nursing home).

What do you think?

Thanks for your attention, Adrian

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