Technocracy, The Artificial Chaos

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The world right now is living probably the most tumultuous times we've ever been through since the last world war, and most of the panic, pain, and hurdles that we are forced to go through atm are artificially created. There was no meteorite falling from the sky lately, no devastating tsunami, no nothing to cause these...

There were these earthquakes in Turkey that occurred a few months ago which we could call "natural", but my take is that these too were man-made, meaning that the elites might have used HAARP technology to create the quakes just to put Erdogan in place after he became a bit rebellious.


So, what's going on then? Well, to have a "new world order" you have to destroy the old one first and this is what we are currently witnessing happening in the world right now. And where do I start with my case here?


China has just completed its first trade of liquefied natural gas (LNG) settled in yuan, the Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange said on Tuesday. As OilPrice notes, the Chinese state oil and gas giant CNOOC and TotalEnergies completed the first LNG trade on the exchange with settlement in the Chinese currency, the exchange said in a statement carried by Reuters.

The trade involved around 65,000 tons of LNG imported from the United Arab Emirates (because China will never admit that it is re-exporting Russian LNG even though it now does it all the time) the Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange added. source

Soon after the trade took place, mister Macron, the fascist president of France left the country and headed to China while living behind him a living hell where innocent protesters are being beaten by the police for protesting against Macron and his government. They can no longer take it and to me, the French are an example of noncompliance right now.

The State Duma’s Deputy Chairman, Alexander Babakov recently revealed that the BRICS countries are working on the development of a new form of currency. The nations involved may pitch ideas related to the objective during its upcoming summit in South Africa. At first, the member countries of BRICS will do business by using some of their native currencies, while completely ditching the dollar, but "a new currency is arising" for these.


A new currency for a new world order. But, not so fast, boys... We're not there yet. The elites plan to create a new world order powered by a world government(technocracy) and a world currency. However, after seeing how these superpowers are getting along lately I believe it will take them a while before they can achieve that. They managed to gain a consensus during the pandemic, but I don't see any consensus between these any time soon when it comes to creating a new world currency.

Some of the most renowned Bitcoiners are expecting BTC to be that currency, but no, it's not going to happen. Bitcoin is our money, while the CBDCs they want to create(out of thin air of course) are something else. I once hoped for government adoption of Bitcoin as well, but I lost that hope.

The US government will NEVER allow #bitcoin to replace the US Dollar.

Did Britain allow the US dollar to replace the Pound Sterling?

Did Dutch allow the Pound to replace the Guilder?

Did French allow Guilder to replace the Franc?

Did Spanish allow Franc to replace the Real? source

Makes sense to me... And... Association of Southeast Asian Nations considers dropping the US dollar, euro, yen, and British pound for local currency financial settlements. What's with this hate all of a sudden towards the USD coming from so many nations? Could its imperialistic attitude be the case? Maybe...

Now that the British pound and the US dollar seem to be left out of attention lately, what are they going to do?

Well, for a start, Bank of England tells ministers to intervene on digital currency programming. They(the bankers) are aiming at making the pound eligible for ensuring it is only spent on essentials, or on goods that the government or an employer deems to be sensible. Basically, the issuer has total power over the currency.

...And I have been a conspiracy theorist for so many years preaching about this shit on Hive, right?!

FRANCE - The National Assembly will adopt Article 7 of a new law covering provision for the Olympics 2024.

It will allow AI video surveillance to be used to detect abnormal behaviour.

What is abnormal behaviour? Will it include the right to protest? source

This one looks like Big Brother live 24/ for the French. Funny that the proposal, or better said the enaction for such measures is made public right now during massive protests in France. It is clear to me that such surveillance measures are aimed at future protests and disobedience and not necessarily for their use of them during the Olympics. A.I.... so grateful for that too...


Australia, which once used to be a great country valuing freedom and human rights, has proved to me during the pandemic that its greatness has been rotten by the elites ruling over the country the past few years and pushing it into something else. Something that does not value human rights and freedoms at all... Here's what's new coming from Australia, too...

A major Australian bank will cancel cash withdrawals from its branches at the end of the paper notes looms. Why is cash so inconvenient all of a sudden? First and foremost it grants you privacy. You can literally withdraw your salary or whatever you have in your bank account at any time and spend it anonymously wherever you want on whatever(legal merchandise) you want. Like we are supposed to do.

Oh, and then there's FED Now, the next-generation payments system that will be so convenient to use and not pose any risk that traditional cash currently has(misuse of it), but will instead be nothing else but the programmable money version of the US.

By no means do I wish on seeing CBDCs happening, but I already see the signs of such storm looming over us. And some of these signs are saying: CBDCs worth $5 Trillion will circulate in the global economy by 2030. These fuckers ain't joking about it... Believe me...

If you thought the rat race was awful... so far. You could only imagine how unbearable and stressful this will become when "programmable money" will be introduced. By then, I hope technology would have evolved enough so we can have ways(blockchain and crypto) to circumvent such digital prisons. I hope...

I was planning on tackling digital IDs and social credit scores in this post as well, but it is already too long for my taste. Maybe next time...

Thanks for your attention, Adrian

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