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Adaezeinchrist is back again. I want to appreciate every one in the house. Sincerely speaking, I love every one and I pray for God's blessings on us allπŸ™.


Ahhhhn! This joke matter dey serious oh! I read @abdul-qudus's post and heard him say that he told someone that he sister is no more. Omo! That joke was something that even made me afraid for him while I was reading it. But thank God it all ended well.

I love jokes alot. I can't just come around people and not say anything. That is not me. For me, we need to talk. And even if I come close to someone who doesn't like talking, I make that person to talk because of my jokes. Though I study people alot too, and it helps me know the kind of jokes I say to each person not to get that person upset. It is true that some persons do take jokes too far. I mean someone misunderstanding you or what you meant. So it has been the reason why I am can of careful. I do joke, yes I know, but I know my limits. I don't always cross my limits because of one ugly experience that I had years back. And it also happens that no matter how careful one can be, mistakes are inevitable. Of course we are humans and sometimes we make mistakes and hurt someone. This is what really show that we are humans.


Years back as a teen, I was taking to a tailoring shop to learn how to make clothes for people. I started learning and my madam was so good at her work that her apprentice get to understand the work very fast. I only stayed for six months and started sawing clothes little by little. Infact at a time she was beginning to allow me sew clothes for people, though not much. But at least I get to sew clothe each day that I come to shop. I became too excited with the progress that I am making. Sometimes I will even bring my own clothes and sew it. Some of my friends were happy for me. I started spreading the good news that I am now a qualified tailor. Hahaha πŸ˜„. You know how happy one can be that you can actually do something real good.

One faithful day, a lady from our church came to visit and she saw me sewing someone's clothes and she was like when did you began learning that you are this good at the work. Friends, this was were my problem started from. When she said that, I quickly answered her by saying jokingly " even if you become clothes now, I can sew you" this was a woman oh! Not my mate. As at then I should just be just seventeen years old. The woman was shocked to hear that from me. I immediately noticed that she was not happy and so change the topic. But I had already said it and can't withdraw it. After everything, she left and the next thing I heard was from our church leader. He called me and told me that that particular sister was not happy the way I answered her in my shop the day she came to check on me. I sincerely apologize for speaking that way and I asked him to apologize on my behalf to her. That was how my closeness to her came to an end. Though we still see and greet in the church, but she drew the line from that day and I respected her decision. I also had to give her space from that day, because is not every one that understands you when you joke with them.

I HAD LEARNT MY LESSONS From that day on I learnt my lessons. I know my mates and who I should joke with. I also learn to draw line when necessary.

Jokes comes sometimes to make us laugh and just to forget our sorrows for that moment. But not everyone loves to crack jokes. We should know that and mind who we joke with.

Thanks to everyone in the house.