When learning is involved, earning will be made

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Looking at the definition of success is not something that happens overnight or comes easily; it requires our time, effort and consistency.

My mother used to tell me that a successful man always sticks to a process even if the result is delayed, you don't have to stop.

I put these all together and related it to success on the hive blockchain. Hive is the true meaning of the above topic "WHEN LEARNING IS INVOLVED EARNING WILL BE MADE". Hive is a platform that requires your time, consistency and hard work. The three come together as lessons that helped each successful ~~account~~ users here to achieve their goals. Initially, we all start at 0 HP except for those who received delegation, and most of us started here as non-writers, no writing skills.

If you want to prove me wrong check out some of the best accounts when they just started, the writing skills were not there but since they want to grow and stay in the system for a long time, they spend their time learning. Learning allows us to become perfect at something, it gives us some respect and more familiarity with the platform.

I remember when I just started without learning anything. I'm looking for ways to generate millions overnight. I don't put in the learning that will get me there, I stick to what I heard from the person who introduced me to the platform.” You can make money by writing.lol! Yes, I can make money, but in life you can't get to some places without making sacrifices, the point is that you can't make a penny without going through a process.

Did you just say you want to make money without commitment, engagement or learning? No no!! It is impossible, success does not happen quickly for those of you who want to succeed here.

I'm always like you, I need the money fast without going through the process and then I get caught off when it's not what I think. As a beginner it is a bad move if you think you can get there in a short time.

Hive is the best platform for you to grow financially, it has helped many people here to create wealth and I am also grateful for the impact it has on my life. As a result of my hard work, learning, dedication, I was able to learn new things and strategy that made me achieve what I have now, for that I am very grateful.

My point of writing is to demonstrate the importance of learning if you want to be successful on this platform. Although I am still a learner with little experience, but I would still advise you newbies to stick with the game and not run after earning.

If you are eager to earn, you will get it, but there will come a time when again it will not be enough for you, you will demand more because you put all your goal in the money and that is what makes most of the newcomers jump into farming. @erikah once said "there is no rush in the game" learn to improve your skills, find a niche and develop yourself, I believe if learning is involved, there will be earnings.

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