My Carrier, My Finance

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Boom... It been a great previldge for me be part of this feat platform.

INTRODUCTION My name is Ayeleso Taiwo a student of Computer Science in one of the best polytechnic in Nigeria. I love reading and I make design my Hubby because that's what i love doing most and am always comfortable anytime am doing what I love doing most. With that have won many competitions with a lot of product design certificate.

Am very glad to be the parr of this great family, to learn and have many ideas about finance there's[ About my Finance (How I make money with my design) I'm a very hard working and creative in terms of design... Screenshot_20200223210643~2.png Financial has been a problem for me in the beginning of my design carrier, because no one is ready to support me in with my dream because I eventually needs a new tools to begin like new PC and Printer... So I make a step myself to start doing something to help myself in the journey of my design carrier.. So I borrow money from friends and go GI cafe to put my hand on something. So I keep lending from them when I know an not financial standard, months, years I started saving some money to get myself a new PC and Printer, so good after some years I try to save up for new PC which makes me happy the moment I saw the money is completed so I published myself into a new beginning... So some month later am able to get myself another new system with my designer carrier, also have been willing to get a PS4 which I think I won't be able to get it because am not financial okay but to my surprise am able to get a new brand one. Here I am now happy and rejoicing.. Financial standard was the only way to be able to achieve your goals because without finance theres nothing you can get done .. So look what the US dollar is saying now with that you can be the man of yourself after been able you see one or two contract done...

Financial will always be my dream chaser and I will try all my possible best go achieve it...

Big thanks to leofinance for this great opportunity to be here sharing how well am doing in my design carrier.. #leofinance #neoxian #proofofbrsin #ocd