Ledger Stax Announced: A New Hardware Wallet Aimed at NFT Collectors

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A physical crypto hardware wallet geared towards digital collectors should be more fun! That's exactly the approach that Ledger is going with its newly announced hardware wallet, the Ledger Stax.

On the product design side for the Ledger Stax, the company brought in Tony Fadell, the well-known creator of Apple’s iPod. No doubt they're pulling out all the stops to make a stylish "NFT" centric hardware wallet with mass market potential.

"We wanted to do something that is more fun and fits with where culture is going", said Ian Rogers, Ledger’s chief experience officer.

What we know so far:

  • Price point of $249
  • Will be available at bets Buy
  • Available in the first quarter of 2023
  • Credit card-sized
  • Embedded magnets so that multiple devices can stack
  • Wraparound e-ink display that can display transactions & NFTs
  • USB-C + Bluetooth to connect

Hardware Wallet Sales Booming

According to Ledger, Nov. 14th (three days after FTX filed for bankruptcy) the company had its best sales day ever for its physical hardware wallet devices. Not only that but the previous day was its second-best sales day ever.

To top that off, November 2022 was its best sales month in the companies history. But this is really just the beginning, as only 5 million devices have been sold world wide, across roughly 200 countries. There's tons of room for growth in this relatively new market.


NFT Mass Adoption

Digital collectibles are main stream! The year is 2022 and the majority of product experiences these days are digital, and the concept of provable scarcity and ownership has caught on.

Virtually all major retailers in North America have started partnerships in one form or another, to augment physical product offering with digital collectibles back by blockchain technology. If you ask me, the writing is on the wall. While traditional digital gamers and collectors may still have some reservations about Web3 and the potential to be rugged by those with bad intensions, they will want to own their assets and display them with style.

While there's no guarantee this product finds the market fit their looking for, I believe they are on the right track with this newest of crypto hardware wallets. Get ready to see Ledger product displays in all your favourite brick and mortar electronics retailers.

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