MetaMask SDK Ready to Bring Web3 to Millions of Gamers!

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3 months ago - 1 minutes read


SDK's can be a path to more users, and MetaMask is all over it!

Some seriously kick ass news from MetaMask over the past few days as they start rolling out their SDK. The launch of the MetaMask SDK in the Unity Asset Store is massive! This allows devs to connect their games to the 🦊 wallet. Millions of gamers will soon be able to interact with web3-enabled features in-game.

Game publishers can build and publish games, keep at it, it's your area of expertise. But the same company that sells you or allows you to earn fungible or non fungible assets and even exchange them should not be the same company that stores and holds them for you.

Centralization is a risk, and we don't need game developers tasked with storing and securing your digital assets. Frankly I don't trust them, nor should I have to! Enter MetaMask!


HyperPlay.xyz is now in early access, this is a game launcher that aims to aggregate traditionally Web2 gaming stores and overlay MetaMask into as many of games as possible.

I've been suggesting a HIVE SDK for games for years now, and I'll say it again, let's go! Can't say for sure that it's a "build it and they will come" situation, but if you don't build it, they certainly wont be coming.

Congrats to MetaMask for identifying opportunity and positioning themselves for product growth over the coming market cycle. I'll be watching the adoption and integration of MM closely.

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