Quentin Tarantino Will Go Ahead With Pulp Fiction NFTs

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If he sets his mind on something he's going to do it! Even if it means lawsuits from media giants like Miramax, he just doesn't give a fuck!


In the end he may very well be within his rights to release the NFT content.

Miramax is already suing but I can't help feel like that's always going to be the standard approach for a big corporation when they see something they prefer not to happen.

They throw money at it, they throw lawyers and courts at it, and hope you cease and desist.

That shit's not going to work on Tarantino!

Not Using Movie Clips

I think this is what Miramax wants to prevent, IP that it legitimately has a claim to being used by third parties to create products and revenue from.

Recently it's been reported that Secret Labs and Quinton Tarantino have strengthened their wording around the project to make it clear they are not using deleted scenes, or extra clip that didn't make the final cut.

The “Pulp Fiction” project has since tightened the language used to describe the content of the NFTs, explaining that the scenes are not actually video clips left out of the film’s final cut but images of the screenplay’s handwritten text accompanied by Tarantino’s voiceover.

The Pulp Fiction NFTs are planned to drop in seven “chapters” starting on Jan. 17 and ending on Jan. 31.

I for one will be keeping an eye on this collection, anything Quinton Tarantino touches is usually pure gold. I'm more than happy to add some of his NFT's to my personal collection.


What is Secret Labs?

Secret Labs is the NFT production company that has partnered with Quinton to bring us the Pulp Fiction NFTs.

SCRT Labs is the driving force and the founding core development team behind Secret Network. Their mission is to create products and systems that accelerate the adoption of privacy-first, decentralized technologies.


I think I need to learn more about Secret Network, I do like privacy!

Secret Network bills itself as a privacy first by design blockchain allowing its users to build permisionless and 'privacy preserving' applications.

Secret Network is the first blockchain with data privacy by default, allowing you to build and use applications that are both permissionless and privacy-preserving. This unique functionality protects users, secures applications, and unlocks hundreds of new use cases for Web 3.

Pulp Fiction NFTs Drop January 17th!

We'll be back to see how that goes and see if we can scoop up a couple our selves.

Ciao for now,


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