Time to Kickoff a DCA Strategy?

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8 months ago - 1 minutes read

With the amount of BTC currently held in whale wallets at its lowest point in nearly 29 months, is it time to stack? If not time to start your DCA its at least time to pay more attention to whale wallets to see their next moves.

When Will Whale Wallets Start Accumulating?

Whale wallets will start an accumulation phase eventually. When they do, it often signals a potentially good time to enter the market. Follow the smart money!

Stack responsibly of course, unless all you know is how to ape into a position then have at it. But for everyone else, especially those 75% of people out there who have never held BTC, now might be the time to start thinking about kicking off a DCA strategy.

BTC whale holdings at lowest point in 29 months image.png Source: Santiment/Twitter

What's a DAC Strategy

Dollar-Cost Averaging is the strategy of investing the same amount of money into a target token at regular intervals. This strategy allows you to lower your average cost per token while reducing the impact of volatility.

If you pick up some BTC right now one thing you know for sure is that you're not buying the top. Are you buying the bottom?

Who knows for sure, it's possible, but also likely there more pain yet to come. Will 2023 see global recession, high interest rates, inflation, and poor market conditions, all of which could impact the price of digital assets like BTC.

Alright, until next time stay awesome!

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