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There square measure currently several crypto primarily based recreation platforms that provide play and earn options for his or her players. Users are going to be able to play and create cash additional simply and safely exploitation their digital notecase. This methodology is taken into account an efficient answer for players as a result of there's no got to register or KYC to begin taking part in. Users will directly connect their wallets and that they will get pleasure from the games provided by the platform. Users will play and earn cash simply from their varied devices. this may in fact profit players globally, most of whom currently need a recreation platform that rewards them.

11Minutes could be a platform that enables users to earn from the games they play. 11Minutes provides a spread of options that permit players to maximise their earnings additional simply and safely. 11Minutes will be considered Associate in Nursing innovative and profitable platform for its users as a result of 11Minutes offers options that may create it easier for users to play and earn from their games. it's a blockchain primarily based recreation platform that includes a real national economy that today's crypto users would like. thus hopefully with 11Minutes, players globally will play and earn additional simply.


11Minutes was launched as a platform that enables players to play and earn cash simply and safely. Players are going to be able to play additional simply on Associate in Nursing innovatively designed platform by Associate in Nursing toughened team. the strategy offered by 11Minutes is Associate in Nursing innovative approach as a result of users solely got to connect their notecase and that they will get pleasure from the games provided by 11Minutes, no registration or KYC needed, users will use the games directly from their varied devices.

It's a recreation platform designed exploitation blockchain technology. meaning the games offered by 11Minutes square measure fully safe and free from manipulation. Users are going to be able to use the assorted options on the market and play freely while not interference from different parties. and particularly since it's launched exploitation blockchain technology, users will play for a coffee fee. Users solely got to pay forty five USD for fewer than zero.1 USD to begin taking part in at oneMinutes. it's more cost-effective compared to similar recreation platforms that sometimes need players to pay higher.

11Minutes additionally plans to permit the NFT protocol to be integrated into this platform. By group action the NFT protocol, users are going to be able to play additional safely and innovatively. Users will store varied game things within the sort of NFT tokens in their digital wallets. That way, users will organize their things or characters additional freely and as desired.

Additionally users World Health Organization wish to maximise their financial gain will participate within the liquidity program launched by 11Minutes. Users will earn passive financial gain by taking part in providing liquidity. during this approach, users are going to be able to get further rewards besides the games they're taking part in.



Play2earn games free2play do not allow you to earn enough cash to form a living, whereas the well-paying play2earn games have an enormous start-up value, it's unaffordable for many players.

Most of the play2earn games have identical come task daily. Play turns into doing identical task day when day, thus play turns into work.


Produce Game Series with fully new Game for every Session. Distributed giant prizes funded by NFT price tag Sales for Game Sessions. adscititious NFT Farming mechanism to stay NFT Tickets valuable when Game Session



ELVN is intended to be a token that may offer stability and rewards to holders, moreover as a token that may be used for payments on the platform. The advantage of owning ELVN tokens is that users will use these tokens for staking or providing liquidity for passive financial gain. Users will manage all their ELVN tokens via a blockchain notecase or any notecase that supports the BEP-20 protocol.



➡️TOKEN BET $ELVN are going to be used for staking and staking rewards with a stable APY rate

➡️NFT PRINTING To get NFT Game Tickets and enter the sport, you want to use $ELVN tokens.

➡️PLAY2GET REWARDS Prizes for daily and weekly recreation sessions are going to be paid go into $ELVN

➡️NFT FARMING So as to form further rewards for game session players, even though they do not reach an honest place on the leaderboard, NFT Game Tickets are going to be able to be used for NFT Farming. Farm rewards are going to be paid in $ELVN

➡️IN-GAME PURCHASE In future versions of the sport, you'll be able to produce your own character. To more alter your character, players are going to be able to purchase skins and different accessories with $ELVN

➡️LEVEL SYSTEM 11Minutes will function a launch pad for the new play2earn game in space. to require half within the launch, users should purchase NFT Tiers, which might solely be purchased with $ELVN Tokens



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