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Pokemonio is associate degree innovative project supported the Binance good Chain. it'll contain several product that may permit users to earn passive financial gain and trade NFT.

POKEDEX - EXCHANGE BEP20 TOKENS IN SECONDS PokeDex may be a distinctive and localised token exchange - designed on the Binance good Chain. you'll simply exchange totally different BEP20 tokens - safely, while not waiting, paying solely symbolic chain fees.

Connect your pocketbook, notice the tokens you wish to trade (choose from the list or import your own tokens by pasting the contract address), exchange your tokens instantly with only one click.

POKESTAKING - EARN PASSIVE financial gain Bet totally different BEP20 tokens on the PokeStaking platform and earn passive financial gain in POK tokens. The additional tokens you said it, the additional you earn. you'll withdraw your staked prizes and tokens at any time.

POKENFT MARKETPLACE - purchase AND SELL NFT PokeNFT may be a localised marketplace for purchasing, commercialism and commerce digital merchandise - like game things, art, music, videos, pictures and additional designed on non-fungible token technology (NFT) and run on the Binance good Chain.

✅Choose between totally different crypto wallets and connect with our NFT Marketplace.

✅Create and setup your own NFT assortment. Add social links, descriptions, pictures and set a secondary commercialism fee.

✅Upload your work (images, videos, audio, art, etc.), add titles and descriptions, and customise your NFT with unlockable properties, stats and content.

✅Choose however you wish to sell your NFT - use auction, fastened list, or drop list.


➡️POKEDEX EXCHANGE The Binance good Chain exchange (based on the AMM model) can permit all crypto users to quickly exchange tokens and add new liquidity.

➡️POKE STAKING Deposit and install platter tokens in our PokeStaking pool and earn high passive financial gain. you'll receive rewards in POK tokens.

➡️POKENFT MARKET Our peer-to-peer NFT marketplace can permit users to shop for and sell rare digital things and crypto collectibles from leading creators and makes.

➡️POKELAUNCHPAD New blockchain primarily based comes can have the chance to lift capital from early stage token sales conducted on our launch area.

➡️POKELENDING Get interest rates for disposal crypto assets or order currencies to borrowers with PokeLending. this can be a straightforward thanks to earn extra POK tokens.

➡️POKEGAMES Our PokeGames can permit users to possess nice diversion and conjointly win extra quantity of POK tokens as rewards for enjoying.



Why is it value selecting our token? the foremost necessary advantage that creates U.S.A. stand out from the competition.

  • SAFE & SECURE Pokemonio good contracts are totally audited by leading specialised firms, therefore the community will feel 100% safe.

  • fast LIQUIDITY After Pokemonio's listing on the exchange, liquidity are going to be fast within the Unicrypt network for years, thus investors haven't got to fret concerning their funds.

  • TOKEN distribution 2% of every group action are going to be decentralised - as an award for token holders and for selling.

  • MONTHLY BURN Every month, the Team can continue manual token burning, which is able to bit by bit increase the worth of Pokemonio tokens within the feature.

  • PASSIVE financial gain After the implementation of staking and disposal, holders can have the chance to earn extra passive rewards - paid in Pokemonio tokens.

  • quick TRANSACTIONS WITH LOW FEES Due to the actual fact that Pokemonio works on the Binance good Chain - users will complete transactions in seconds, paying terribly low group action fees.



We ar reaching to produce a contemporary and intuitive application referred to as "PokeApp" wherever you'll be ready to simply manage your POK tokens and use all on the market product.

The application are going to be on the market in each laptop and mobile versions.

the most blessings OF THE APPLICATION:

✅Possibility to attach varied wallets - as well as the foremost well-liked ones - like Metamask, Binance pocketbook and TrustWallet

✅Quick access to all or any Pokemonio product - like Staking, Exchange, Games and additional

✅Ability to trace current POK costs in real time



Bitcointalk username: Senkuli

Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=996827

ETH/BSC Address: 0x17a1115292633329197aDaa5EF302a4CD7841bfA