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The business offers a good vary of crypto solutions within the field of suburbanized Finance (DEFI), enabled by blockchain technology. However, it's troublesome to seek out a one-stop resolution which will be utilised for varied blockchain models, that aims to resolve several issues associated with DEFI. the most aim behind Telefy is to deliver varied DEX, Lending, Launchpads, NFT solutions with Tele Score enabled across multiple blockchains and by that to empower the DEFI market and generate revenue generation opportunities from it.


DEFI is Associate in Nursing rising technology and works seamlessly for several monetary solutions and definitely helps considerably to urge obviate the third parties and middlemen concerned within the recent model. it absolutely was ascertained, however, that the dearth of information in accumulating the trustiness of users mistreatment this platform, may doubtless result in finish users paying inappropriate interest rates.

As of nowadays, most DEFI solutions work on a disposal Pool (LP). Flat rate (20%) or terribly dynamic supported utilization quantitative relation. Also, users holding or commercialism coins in DEFI don't seem to be benefited by any credits. additionally, the present platforms supply one in all the crypto solutions like DEX, LP, NFT, and Launch Pad, however not all of them.



TeleFy, in an exceedingly shell, presents the way to associate a fantastic tele score, i.e. a credit score for every billfold. The Tele-Score service comes along side the Telefy platform that determines the trustiness of every billfold and generates the foremost appropriate interest rates for users WHO cash in of the loan pool. supported the suspension in wallets and transactions created by Tele-Score users are affected and at any time, users pays the foremost appropriate interest for the loan of their alternative.



Telefy platform contains below protocol

✅TELE SWAP Tele Swap may be a multi-chain protocol that permits users to exchange coins, adding liquidity mistreatment AMM (Automated Market Maker).

✅PHONE LOAN Tele Lend may be a multi-chain and automatic disposal protocol that permits users to lend or borrow mistreatment Tele Score.

✅TELE SCORE Tele Score may be a multi-chain protocol which will be programmed to effectively calculate a user's trustiness, supported their holdings, dealings history and a few alternative relevant parameters.

✅TELE PAD Tele PAD may be a multi-chain model that supports initial DEX (IDO) offerings for users WHO own TELE Coin shares.

✅TELE NFT Tele NFT may be a multi-chain NFT marketplace wherever you'll be able to purchase or sell NFT. Tele NFT protocol fee are distributed to users WHO stake TELE.



TELE is Associate in Nursing attested governance token which will be used on Telefy once users of this platform would like to participate in an exceedingly poll for the implementation of any changes or additions to the protocols used on the platform.



Users square measure provided to stake TEL-LP tokens to earn TELE coins. The interest proportion are calculated supported the liquidity pool. The goal is to create the Swap protocol eventually on the market across multiple blockchains. However, to start with, the TELE Swap beta is presently on the market on the Ethereum good Chain (ETH) and development is current to create TELE Swap on the market on the Binance good Chain (BSC). And, facultative the TELE Swap protocol on additional blockchains like Cardano, Matic and PolkaDot is in our charter for this year, to make sure Telefy sticks to its supply to launch one-stop solutions and profit customers.


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