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Wakanda Inu could be a community acculturation project solid from a deep and heat sense of humanity. Wakanda Inu (WKD), a digital acculturation token that represents the everyday struggles and aspirations of the simplest aspects of what it means that to measure really living as a community. Basking within the glory of the Ubuntu spirit, we tend to gift to you the Wakanda Inu, the African dog, tempered and baptized within the One Community spirit.

WKD could be a decentralised acculturation token to drive industrial growth, decentralised finance-oriented activity worldwide. Wakanda Inu, African dog with high energy, unbelievable stamina, wonderful hearing, super vision and dominance; it captures the essence of what it means that to achieve success as a real predator. Be a pioneer during this mission. The Wakanda Inu can crush each acculturation coin out there. we tend to area unit well on our thanks to inevitable widespread adoption.


➡️ TRANSPARENCY To demonstrate our initial commitment, there'll be no personal sales or special allocations to team members throughout the general public sale. All team members can undergo a whitelisting method rather like each different member of the community. eightieth of the return from the general public sale can opt for liquidity and lock-ups, whereas the remaining 2 hundredth 2 hundredth move to operations to confirm a productive satellite mission.

➡️ CHARITY Wakanda Inu could be a decentralised acculturation token to encourage charity-oriented activities round the world. four-dimensional of the allotted tokens are used for charitable functions.

➡️ UNITY $WKD could be a native cryptocurrency token designed to encourage closeness, facilitate social uplift, and advance the increase of the meme-powered metaverse.

➡️ PUBLIC Wakanda Inu could be a decentralised community primarily based project. Thus, the needs of the folks are accomplished through a well-organized public vote.



Gamma hydroxybutyrate Supply: one,000,000,000,000,000 Treasury: 750,000,000,000,000 (Monthly burn for five years) Total Supply: 250,000,000,000,000 Token Allocation (from Total Supply):

  1. selling - 2 hundredth
  2. Development - 100%
  3. Public Sales: one year
  4. Liquidity: half-hour
  5. Charity: four-dimensional General Sales: Ido Price: $0.00000001 Min: 0.1 BNB Max: 1 BNB Token Award: Public Sales - TGE: 100% Marketing/Development/Charity: five-hitter per quarter for a amount of five years.


• there's no Wakanda Inu (WKD) token presale. • eightieth of public sales area unit used for liquidity. • Liquidity bolted. • The audit report are provided as shortly as potential. • World category blockchain developer.



✅ Build associate degree scheme.

✅ Core team developer and different units.

✅ Web site launch.

✅ General Sales.

✅ PancakeSwap list.

✅ Liquidity and resistance suppliers.

✅ Token burn.

✅ Coinecko and coinmarketcap listings.

✅ Audits.

✅ Marketing, referral campaigns, advertising and promotions, KOL, Wakanda Inu Engine, Wakanda Inu legend, Wakanda Inu panther.

✅ Centralized exchange discussion and listings.

✅ The community chooses what to create between (NFT, FARMING, STAKING, DEX, etc).

✅ Produce a token Bridge to exchange $WKD from BSC to a different Chain (ETH, SOL, AVAX, POLYGON, FTM etc)



The subsequent area unit a number of the explanations why Wakanda Inu is that the best community-driven project.

  1. No pre-sale.
  2. No special public sales allocation for team members.
  3. 80% of public sales area unit used for liquidity.
  4. Liquidity is bolted.
  5. Community driven.
  6. No tax on transactions.
  7. Charity homeward-bound and a lot of.
  8. Anti-whale mechanism.


Bitcointalk username: Senkuli

Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=996827

ETH/BSC Address: 0x17a1115292633329197aDaa5EF302a4CD7841bfA