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Alex Van
@alexvan2 months ago
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I will keep it short for today, as the past two weeks have been crazy, and today I really still have a lot of things left to do.

With one of my partners, we have been analysing buying a new firm to diversify our business. We have been analysing one for the past 6 months, and still look at it, but we need more data.

Today, as we went to that firm, we realized that the firm is a good buy, but not at the asked price. Also, the sellers have a second firm, that we never looked at till today. After running some numbers, we discovered that the hidden gem was the other firm. We made an offer today for both firms as a package.

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We could have lost the opportunity, if we did not analyse it deeper. Missing opportunities is a hobby that most people have, and opportunities are out there, just keep the eyes open and ask questions.

My partner and I, realized, that without digging deeper, we would have missed it and probably would have bought an overpriced venture.

Now, we are in the green, which is our main focus.

Opportunities come mostly by speaking to people. This was the general rule for us. Just speak and let people speak, as people like to be heard, and the more they speak the bigger the opportunities grow.

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How about you, did you find any opportunity by chance?

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