Happy birthday CUBdefi!

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yesterday marked the first birthday of CubDeFi. I've almost missed it, with all the noise around.

Even if I'm not rich after this year on CubDeFi, getting now to breakeven, after buying the high, I can say in a positive way, that the future is bright.

It was the first DeFi project for me, and helped me take the step towards learning DeFi. Also, it opened the eyes to other projects, outside my Hive-BTC bubble.

I'm not at break even, as I said, because I was buying CUB at $3 - $4 and have staked it with BUSD as pair. Of course, the impairment loss has eaten a lot of funds.

Two days ago, I did the right move, dissolved all the LP and moved everything into Kingdoms. With this, the airdrop is higher and my overall profit grows.

I'm in for the long run, so CUB will remain where it is, and hopefully, will grow at least to $1.

PolyCUB, the CUB baby is definitely an evolution. Also it took me only 3 days to understand it, and not to get burned, compared to CUB, where the first month was a disaster.

CUB as base has a lot of potential, and I'm glad, that I did not sell it. PolyCUB will grow a lot more, not on the token value directly, as the token might hit the floor on the short term. On the long term, as a deflationary token, it is worth keeping.

I think, the next 5-6 years, till CubDeFi reaches school age, will be definitely interesting.

Happy birthday, little CUB!

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