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4 months ago - 2 minutes read


my friend, @anomadsoul, posted a good article today, that can be read in here.

As he mentions, he is in permanent hustle mentality. I think it is not a bad thing, as it is definitely a lot of steps higher than being a lazy socialist, that likes to get money for nothing.

Hustle mentality is one of the first stages of becoming free, most rich persons had it at their start, as it learned them a lot, and as said, it is a level up from lazy doing nothing mentality.

@anomadsoul goes then to the smart work, how smart can one work, and gives a lot of tools that can increase productivity. Some tools I use myself, some I will need to try.

Now, let's climb some levels from hustle mentality and smart work. Our time is limited, or better said, time is the most single resource that we don't have. To get better results, we need to stop dealing time for money. We can shorten the time spent with smart work, but real freedom comes with trading time.

This can only happen, if we let loose of our ego and delegate or hire people to work for us. Agree that nobody can take care of stuff as own, but most will do just fine with a good description of the task.

Letting other do stuff for us and build our wealth, is the only mean to scale up. This I would call the business mentality, which has its roots in the hustle one.

For me, scaling up and business mentality would be the level up. I'm somewhere in the middle between smart work and business, this I see through my actions. One part of my life, which I try to optimize as a business, is Hive, but this would be another topic.

How about you? Where are you now, in terms of your mentality?

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