The big @leofinance is approaching, inside the post a method to win Leo

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three weeks ago, in this post, I've announced that I will give 50 Leo for everyone who subscribes on crew3, under my link: https://crew3.xyz/c/leofinance-4960/invite/2eLyuXGiAcyEN_yu7Fx0q

The following users subscribed and took the initial offer for 100 Leo:

As far as of today, I've awarded over 1200 Leo for the subscribers, and will continue to award that reward.

The following users subscribed and took the offer for 50 Leo:

Thank you for subscribing and hope to see you on the winner list.

Speaking of wins, the prizes for the contest in April are real good:

  • 1st place: 5k Liquid Leo
  • 2nd place: 2.5k Liquid Leo
  • 3rd place: 1.5k Liquid Leo
  • 4th & 5th place: 500 Leo
  • 6th place: 25k Leo Power delegation
  • 7th place: 20k Leo Power delegation
  • 8th-10th place: 10k Leo Power delegation
  • 11th-15th place: 5k Leo Power delegation

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So, what do you need to do. Simple, join under the following link crew3, https://crew3.xyz/c/leofinance-4960/invite/2eLyuXGiAcyEN_yu7Fx0q.

On the @leogrowth account, the announcement of the contest, can be found under this post.

So, till the contest starts at the end of nextweek, I will offer 50 LEO for each new subscriber on crew3 , https://crew3.xyz/c/leofinance-4960/invite/2eLyuXGiAcyEN_yu7Fx0q

It is not that hard and it pays. Some off the above have been surprised on how easy it was. I can tell, that I was lucky to meet in real life some of them, and hope to meet the rest, maybe on a @leofinance #leofest.

Good luck!

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