Alive Chat March 13, 2023 - Daily Prize Drawing CLOSED For Entries - Today's Topic: Plan Out Your New Week - And Follow Your Plan To Success

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In today's Alive Chat we encourage you to plan out your new week, day by day, and then put your plan into action and follow it to success, remember that failing to plan is planning to fail, so make a plan, and enjoy your Monday!

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Alive Chat

This is Alive Chat for today, come and hang out with the We Are Alive Tribe, get support and ask any question, and share news and ideas, plus we have a task to engage with each day of the week, see schedule below, and make sure to complete the daily task to be included in our daily contest.

Today's Topic: Plan Out Your New Week - And Follow Your Plan To Success

To reach success in most things you first need to make a good plan for how you will accomplish that, remember the famous quote.

"If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail" - Benjamin Franklin

So make a good plan for your new week, day by day, and it can be about your week on Hive or what you do in your private life, but make a plan and share it in the comments below, or maybe even a post and share the link for an extra ticket in our daily drawing.

And once you have your plan then take action on it and follow it to your success, and adjust it as you go if need be to reach the targets of your plan.

Complete this to be included in our daily contest, and make a post about your plan in the We Are Alive Tribe and share the link below for an extra ticket, and @alive.chat will also promote it with 1 ALIVE.

Enjoy your Monday!

Weekly Schedule

This is the weekly schedule for Alive Chat, and all is to help you be #aliveandthriving, and to create good habits.

The weekly schedule relates to when the post is published.

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Alive Chat Daily Prize Drawing

This is the daily prize drawing for Alive Chat for today, and we have 4 winners each day, and this is the prizes they get.

  • Winner 1 and 2: Each get a 4 week 50 Hive Power delegation from @flaxz
  • Winner 3 and 4: Each get a 4 week 500 Alive Power delegation from @iamalivechalleng
  • All 4 winners get a bonus of 50 Ecency POINTS each, sponsored by @ecency through the help of @melinda010100, plus from what we earn on our Hive Community account.

To get 1 ticket for the daily drawing you need to.

  1. Make a meaningful comment below.
  2. Complete the task in today's topic.
  3. For 1 bonus ticket (double chance to win), make a post about todays topic in the We Are Alive Tribe, and share the link in your comment below, plus if you complete this then @alive.chat will promote your post with 1 ALIVE.

Once this post is closed for new entries then we will edit the title from OPEN to CLOSED.

Here is all participants for today with valid entries.

@adysscheryl @alovely088 @amakauz @chapelle @cursephantom @davidxxl @ironshield @jmis101 @noctury @stdd @wandrnrose7

The gif below shows the prize drawing and the winners.

Prize payout.

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The 4 Points Of #aliveandthriving

  • The first point is mandatory, then use one or more of the rest, share your journey to thrive in life.

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Thank You!

Thanks for reading the post and please enjoy chatting with the We Are Alive Tribe below, and ...

Stay safe, awesome and alive.

Sincerely Alive Chat

Written by @flaxz

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