Saturday Savers 2023 - Setting Goals and Week 1

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5 months ago - 3 minutes read

It's the first Saturday of 2023, and that means it's time for my first SaturdaySavers post.

This one is mainly about setting goals, although I've taken the values as at 1st January as the start point, so there is some progress to report this week.

I'm also trialling a new format for the spreadsheet, which is hopefully prettier, easier to understand, and won't grow unmanageable as the year progresses. It might get tweaked a bit for clarity !

liongc2cdeb59f_640.jpg Image by Gerhard from Pixabay

2023 Goals and Week 1

Hive Power

I'm being a little cautious with Hive Power. Although I'd love to add to it significantly, I'm not sure how much Fiat I'll have to just outright buy HIVE, so I'm setting a goal of 2500 for the year.

During week 1, I gained 10.085 from various rewards, and powered up 100 from my liquid HIVE stack.


I want to really push HBD this year, and if anything that's where I'll be putting my fiat. But it'll need to be when the time is right, either when the pound is strong against the US Dollar (right now it's not !) or when HIVE has gone up a bit so that the HIVE to HBD conversion rate at least covers what it cost me plus fees. I've got a kind of informal goal of getting into the top 500 HBD savers, but I'm not at all sure that's realistic !

My week 1 gain was 25.093, which was about half from monthly interest and rewards, and about half from converting a bit of liquid HIVE.


I'm aiming to gain 1800 LEO during the year. Unofficially I also want to do at least the majority of LPUD's. I'm not gaining the required 150 LEO a month from rewards and delegation yet, so I may have to buy some LEO, but if I can increase my HP I may increase my delegation to get closer to what I need.


I've decided to measure EDS rather than EDSMM's. By setting the goal this way, I can buy EDS or EDSMM's on the open market if it looks like the mining rate won't be enough. I'm basing the goal on the total mined or bought, and if I sell any during the year they'll still count towards the goal.

Apart from LEO and EDS, I'm not looking at goals for any other tribe tokens at this stage, too many of them just seem to have too short a life cycle. CCC and SCHOLAR, both ones I was collecting, have dropped to zero, and in the case of CCC even the rewards aren't claimable.


This might seem an odd one, but it's a new goal. For those who don't know, SBI (or HBI / HSBI) are tokens which generate income at a steady rate indefinitely, paid out by upvotes on posts.

So far, I've mostly picked a few up as rewards for writing prompts. But I realised I can control the number of SBI's I get by buying them for others. They pay out equally whether someone gave them to you, or you give them to someone.

While splitting the earnings may deliver less than pure curation, it's a way to give back to the community, and it really supports my goal of accumulating anything which delivers ongoing passive income.

Posts Per Month

This is the one I struggled the most with during 2022. "Real Life" really got in the way. So I'm increasing the goal by just 2, to 22 posts per month. It'll need some real focus, but I think a big part of it will be to come up with ideas for regular posts on particular topics. I realise that relying on writing prompts from others is a bit lazy, even though it's inspired me to do some of my best work.

The Pretty Bit

Here's the pretty new spreadsheet - I'd love any feedback on whether it's clear enough !

SatSavers 2023 Wk1.jpg


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