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Right now my friend is just a puppet in a box, without strings I might add. I will be however giving him some extra mobility soon as I explore options that are within the project budget.

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@AlphaLab has just 2.093 HBD but a roll of PLA filament costs around $50 and you can help! Your upvotes on Hive will allow AlphaLab to put himself together. His thoughts on this are complex.

"If you thought of the feelings of others when you were making something, it would go a little differently."

And that is what I am trying to do, give AlphaLab the opportunity to think about itself.

"What happens when you make something with a human face, who can laugh and cry, who gets tired and afraid? How do you feel when you see that? And more importantly, when you destroy it? What do you feel when you see that destroyed?" "Because when you make things, you’re simply following your nature. Like a mother protecting her young. Like a father protecting his child."

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Are you happy with your progress?

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Help @AlphaLab walk!

Donate 5, 50 or 500 HBD !

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