Meme challenge #243 Entry #1 Not everyone uses the Gym wisely

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Yes I have done it

I have had the opportunity to join the gym as in take the membership a number of times.

Two times lucky

Out of all these occasion I was lucky the first time when I got a corporate discount because the gym was close to office and theey wanted a lot of people to join so they rolled us the discount. The second time it was a gym that was far but had started a bus coming upto where I live and the service was free with the membership. I figured I could use the showers in the first gym when I had projects that made me stay all night at office and the shower was a welcome break from the stress. The shuttle was an attraction because it passed through the city and was mostly empty so I could get off at the market buy my stuff and come back. It was much later I realized and discovered the benefits of a workout.

Make your body flexible and supple

Being into badminton at one point I figured the need to be flexible and supple. I could avoid sudden falls and sprains due to this trait and later on it helped me recover quickly from game fatigue.