Meme challenge #268 Entry I Wish the world was simple like this

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This image invoked a childhood memory

The memory is of me as a younger sibling coming back from play or from school felling very hungry. In those growing up years I guess I used to feel really hungry.

Sometimes the hunger overtook the sense of right and wrong

This prompted me to eat my share of food and then I would feel more hungry and scout the home fridge for food.

Invariably I would find my brothers share of food that would be there for him to eat once he got back from his boxing practice.

I would try to stay clear of it. However there were a few occasions when my hunger would get the better of me and and I would end up eating his shrare.

What followed was me running ahead and he coming after me. I would hide behind my mom and ask her to intervene and save me. She did that to maintain peace in the household.

Cut to the current times

We live in a strange world that is full of stress. The two warring countries were one at one point in time. People in the neighbouring countries share a common culture and language and are a lot like brothers.

However there is no bib mama to intervene

This is sad but true. There is no one to intervene in this current war.

The world would pay the price

We live in a global economy where no country is an island. So many countries are dependent on the two warring nations for food petroleum and gas.

War would make life difficult

The war would push up the prices and make it difficult for everyone.

Let us pray for peace

So that the killing of innocent people can be stopped immediately.