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a year ago - 1 minutes read

HOLY SHIT, I was wondering what was going on! I dont own any myself, but I feel for those who are away for a few days, the price is going to continue to get REKT, you are smart to sell when you did.

This is absolutely straight up robbery, only giving people 1 month notice before shutting down all of those services! So after that whatever hasnt been withdrawn I am assuming they just steal it?! I mean what other scenario is there exactly? It would take ages and millions of dollars in fees to refund everyone right? Not to mention even if they wanted to, some people send to these platforms from exchanges or old wallets that they dont use any more, so simply refunding to the last address that sent to them, would only partially solve the problem.

This is absolutely a killer blow for Fantom though, the backlash for this is going to be HUGE< even for those who dont use these platforms. I think 6 months from now Fantom will be dead or on life support, this is such a huge scandal that there is no coming back from this...

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