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a year ago - 2 minutes read

I joined Hive for Splinterlands, to be honest, as it is also noted in my status. And it is - as you can see in my blog - the thing I am doing the most on Hive. Either playing Splinterlands or writing about it. But recently I get invested in more and more aspects of Hive.

I did start to blog on the engine from the very beginning, since I like to read and write. Getting paid, just for writing blog articles about things I enjoy in my leisure time, is quite a new concept. Probably to most of us.

Crypto is still pretty new to me, since I grew up in the "old" economy and invested in stocks for quite some time during my studies. I came over to Splinterlands after the Beeple event, when all world got to know NFTs and I was searching for some easy and fun way to collect some NFTs and cryptos, although I was investing in some of the bigger cryptos before.

LeoFinance was a community I read a lot in, but didn't really post a lot, since I am not sure, what to post about. It is easier to post about my progress in Splinterlands - and even RisingStars, than to talk about cryptos.

So my LeoWallet is still very small. While I already got some Hive together. At least compared to the time, when I didn't want to vote or comment on anything, since it ate up my RC to fast. It is fascinating, that just by writing posts on Splinterlands and the like, I accumulated almost $300, without putting in some external money. At least not on Hive.

Compared to this my assets in Leo are marginal. I do own around 4 Leo. Still I think that since Leo is one of the main aspects of Hive - and as far as I know also one of the older and more consistent ones - I need to get my hand on more of those Tokens!

Cheers, @andy-plays

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