Are You Sure Will Win with 2 Gladius? Splinterlands Amazing Battle!

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Hello Guys!

Yeeey finally I'm back again with my Splinterlands post. Today I will share one of the most interesting brawl battles, when I can defeat lawab who uses 2 Gladius cards at once in battle. The opponent uses a new Soulbond Summoner which has the Conscrips ability so that the brawl battle allows us to use 2 Gladius. Well, the rulesets in this battle also match this week's Secret Battle Mage, Armored Up.

In this battle, opponents use Paldon Rakk and Quora Towershead for the same time. But who can guarantee victory? In fact, I won without losing a single monster. Are you curious about what this battle is like?

*Notice: I'm neither a proplayer nor a tournament hero. I just enjoys sharing strategy and battles that I find interesting in my own view.





The rulesets in this battle are:

  • Armored Up (All Monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat)
  • Broken Arrows (Ranged attack Monsters may not be used in battles)
  • Fog Of War (Monsters lose the Sneak, Snipe and Opportunity abilities)
  • Mana Capacity 39
  • Active Element Water, Earth, and Life.
  • Fray Limit: Silver League, Untimed and Chaos Legion set cards.

If we look at the active elements, it is likely that the strategy that will be used by the opponent is to use Life monsters with a full defensive strategy or Earth with a full mage attack strategy. I'm not sure the opponent uses Water element because usually the best combo for Water monsters in modern battles is relying on Sneak and Opportunity monsters while this is a Fog of War battle. So instead of using Earth elements, I decided to use a full defense strategy by using Grand Amster Rathe. The strategy of each monster that I will arrange in my formation will be explained in the table below:

|Monster | Position| Abilities| Strategy| |---|---|---|---| |rathe.pngGrandmaster Rathe |Summoner |+1 Armor, Void Armor, Amplify |I thought that Grandmaster Rathe who provided +1 Armor buffs and Void Armor would be a perfect fit for the Armored Up rulesets. So all monsters will have at least 3 Armors when the battle starts. This will make a strong defense both from all sides. Moreover, it does not rule out the possibility that the opponent will use full Magic because Range monsters cannot be used. Of course, Void Armor is very useful because even Magic attacks must destroy Armor first before they can penetrate Health monsters. | |photo_2023-03-26_14-26-51.jpgUriel The Purifier | First (Tank)|Flying, Recharge, Heal |Even though it has a very tricky and sometimes useless Recharge ability, I think Uriel The Purifier is the best Tank in battle high when combined with Grandmaster Rathe. This is because this monster has a good stat, with large HP and Armor. Especially if the Heal ability of this monster is already active, it must be quite difficult to kill this monster. | |photo_2023-03-26_14-26-49.jpgPelacor Conjurer |Second (Tank) |Flying, Reflect Magic | Because of the Fog Of War ruleset that makes all attacks only focus on groaning 1 point of the leading monster if there is no Taunt onster, then I decided to use 2 Tanks. So if the defense of Uriel The Purifier can be penetrated by the enemy, there is still a second Tank protecting this monster behind it. Pelacor Conjurer is the right choice because it only has 2 mana but has quite a lot of HP and also the ability to Reflect Magic as an anti-Magic attack. | |photo_2023-03-26_14-26-48 (2).jpgDax Paragon |Third |Affliction |Although the ability possessed is useless because Summoner also has Amplify, but mana magic monster 2 that has 4 HP can certainly be considered to complete the slot while helping the attack. | |photo_2023-03-26_14-26-48.jpgAdelade Brightwing |Fourth (Support) |Flying, Repair,Resurrect|I think Adeladw Brightwing is the best support in this battle with the Armored Up ruleset, because every round of this monster will Restore Armon from the most attacked monster. In addition, this monster also has 2 magic attacks that can help to attack opponents. | |photo_2023-03-26_14-26-47.jpgCaptain Katie |Fifth (Main Attacker) |Snipe, Bloodlust |Gladisu monsters that have considerable damage are 3 magic damage. Even though the Snipe ability is useless in Fog of War, this monster is still the main attacker I chose. Bloodlust has a large active possibility, because the damage this monster has is also quite large. | |photo_2023-03-26_14-26-45.jpgDoctor Blight |Last(Attacker) |Affliction, Camouflage, Poison |Doctor Blight I put him in the last position because you forgot that this is a battle in the silver league, so Scavenger abilities are not unlocked in this league. But this wasn't a big deal because Doctor Blight already had active Poison, as well as Affliction ability. I'm sure this will also be very useful in this battle. |

You can see the line-up and both teams in the picture below. Paldon Rakk is in first place, Quora Towershead is in third place.


To be honest, just looking at the opponent's lineup has made me insecure, and it's pessimistic that maybe I'll lose. We know that Quora Towershead is one of the strongest Gladius monsters, because it has great damage, large HP, and Heal abilities that make this monster very difficult to stop if its Bloodlust ability is active. But the wrong position from Quora placement sometimes even makes this monster have to die before showing off. Let's jump to Battle Arena to see this amazing battle! 2dk2RRM2dZ8gKjXsrozapsD83FxL3Xbyyi5LFttAhrXxr16mCe4arfLHoNWhtk5r6VEyeaqM3SoXCPiGoh7ZqRictGE2jiZVi1SUtDK5ckRWYNXF4bmX8VMqQ7Rzd2F4HVKABwBSz82TQCWHBHHtLsHfk6quo2HMchx8PQR4bQ.png


photo_2023-03-26_14-26-51 (2).jpg

I have uploaded the video of this battle to my channel, so to see the course of this battle you can also directly click the youtube video below.

Although the opponent uses 2 Gladius, in fact it cannot break through my defense. I didn't lose a single monster. It takes 7 rounds to get the winner, but since the third round we have been able to guess who the winner is. The opponent also had bad luck because neither Gladius could activate their ability Bloodlust


As usual, the battle begins with party buffs and debuffs from all Summoners and Monsters. In addition to getting +1 Armor from the Armored Up rulesets, all opposing monsters also get an additional 2 more Armor from Queen Mycelia's Protect ability. No monsters died from the first round.


Because the Opponent used the Taunt monster in the last position, all my monster attacks were aimed at the Taunt monster, and my Captain Katie Bloodlust was finally active from the second round after killing Mycelic Slipspawn. In addition, there was another epic moment when Uriel Purifier finished Recharging in the previous round, his attack hit Paldon Rakk who finally broke all his Armor.


Palidon Rakk's attack misses Uriel The Purifier. No monsters died in this round.


Palidon Rakk died in the fourth round due to Uriel The Purifier's attack. Not long after this, Fungus Fiend also died from being hit by Adelade Brithgtwing. Now Quora Towershead is in first place.


The fifth round begins with poison dripping onto Quora Towershead because in the previous round Doctor Blight's poison managed to infect Quora Towershead. Until the end of this fifth round, Quora still managed to survive, but at the end of this round, Doctor Blight's Affiction managed to hit Quora. This means that Quora can no longer do Heal.


Just like the fifth round, the sixth round begins with Quora Towershead being poisoned. Quora died in this round due to Captain Katie's attack which also caused her Bloodlus to reactivate. Until this round ended, only the Spirit Hoarder was left on the opposing side.


Finally, Spirit Hoarder died with just one attack from Captain Katie in this seventh round. I won this match without losing 1 monster.



The strategy I implemented went very well. The opponent can't break through my defense. Although the opponent's attack is dominated by magic attacks, Grandmaster Rathe with the Void Armor buff can overcome it. Using 2 Gladius will not guarantee victory if the strategy you apply is careless.

There are several strategies in utilizing Armored Up rulesets, including:

  • Maximizing the use of Magic monsters that can directly stab Health monsters, so Armored Up doesn't mean much.
  • Utilizing Poison Monster, where Poison who hits the target can immediately reduce 2 Health in each round, without being affected by Armor.
  • Summoners who also have buffs add Armor, such as Grandmaster Rathe is the best Summoner for these rulesets.


Ok guys, I think my post is enough here, thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to upvote and leave a comment. If you want to start playing Splinterlands and don't have an account yet, don't hesitate to use my referral: https://splinterlands.com?ref=anif1908

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