My Leo Goals for 2023: Becoming an Apex Lion

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6 months ago - 6 minutes read

You heard it first here in the official announcement by @leogrowth, not only we will have a revamped LPUD month after month with hundreds of thousands of $leo in delegations, different quests like Slay the dragon and @hivebuzz badges...

We are now getting incentives for setting Leo Power Up Goals for 2023.

I'm becoming an Apex Lion in 2023


That means I will finish 2023 with more than 150K Leo Power.

I'm currently sitting at 70k Leo Power, that means that according to @leogrowth minimum goal bar, I am overkilling it. According to the table below, I am a Leader of the pack which means I would only need to power up 35k $leo in 2023 to become eligible to win many prizes.

Starting LeoPower | LP by Dec 31st -|- 0 (New user) | 2k (CUB status) Under 2k | Starting LP + 2k Between 2-5k | Double that Between 5-10k | 15k (Lion status) Lion status | 2x your stack Leader of the Pack | Grow by 50%

If you join this initiative, the prize pool is just out of this world, and all you need to do to participate on this idea is to power up month after month and reach your goals set before 2022 ends.

You should really check out the announcement for all the details

Anyway, I am going to reach Apex Lion next year, but how am I planning on doing this?

Delegating Hive Power to @leo.voter: 21k $leo/year I have 25k Hive Power right now and I am going to delegate it all to @leo.voter, that should give me around 1500 $leo tokens per month at the current price. My Hive stack is growing pretty fast with my current post rewards, I am getting around ~1500 HP per month, so I am hoping that even if the Leo price grows in relation of the Hive price, growing my delegation will keep me around 1500 $leo per month.

Curation rewards: 9k $leo/year I'm currently getting around 500 $leo tokens from curation per month, that's 6k per month if ceteris paribus, but the thing is Leo is inflationary, and I need to grow my stack faster than the inflation grows. Considering I am going to grow my stack by 100% in 12 months, I ran some numbers and I believe I will generate 9k $leo in 2023 from curation rewards.

Leo Finance author rewards This one is trickier, which is why I didn't set a specific amount above. My goal is to post at least 4 times a week on Leo Finance. Hopefully, and I depend entirely on curation from other Lions. Past performance doesn't equal future results, but I will be a little lax with myself and expect to earn around around 800 Leo tokens per month. It's not overly ambitious, but it is highly optimistic. To earn that amount of Leo my posts need to do well, all of them. I've done quite good in terms of Leo post rewards so far but anything can happen, so I am not relying on this amount, it might be more and it might as well be way less than that, but alright, let's set that to 9k $leo/year in post rewards.

I'm sitting at 39k $leo in one year. I don't care about the dollar value, I care about the amount of Leo I will be able to stack through these three activities within the Leo Finance ecosystem.

I still need to find a way to stack 39k $leo in order to reach 150k by the end of 2023.

I could rely on my HBD from Hive post rewards, and I don't mind neglecting my hive account because I am almost at my Hive Power goal which is 100k, and I think I will achieve that just with post rewards in 2023, especially at these prices. You know what they say, blood on the streets means cheap hive stacking, or something like that.

So anyway, I will try to post 7 times a week on Hive. I am currently getting at least 5 HBD on average from my hive posts - yeah, I get a lot more from the @blocktrades votes, but I am sending all the HBD from those votes to @funds4hivefest, which will be used to sponsor 4 Hivers' tickets to HiveFest next year, so I can't really use that HBD, it would be irresponsible from my part.

Liquid HBD from Hive posts: 18k $leo/year Let's talk worst case scenario for buying cheap Leo and let's imagine that the average price of $leo goes to 10c throughout the year. There's a lot of factors that make me believe that this will happen, so I will take this price into account for my calculations. I am currently getting on average 5 HBD per post, and if I post 30 times a month, I will get 150 HBD per month, that means 1500 LEO/month. This is a highly volatile calculation because my post rewards can go to zero at any given time and just like you, I am not entitled to any Hive post rewards and on top of that, the price of $LEO$0.061 could skyrocket and my dollar value would give me a lot less $leo than what I'm expecting. But let's say I manage to stack that amount.

I need 21K $leo and there's nowhere else within the Hive ecosystem that I can get that amount from

That means it is buying time, baby.

I will buy 1.75k $leo tokens on average every single month, no matter the price. I will just DCA my way into 150K Leo Power and the Apex Lion status. If any of my above calculations fail, I will adjust the amount I buy every month.

If any of the above calculations are more positive, I will still buy this amount of $leo in order to set myself a nice little cushion for the dry months. If on the contrary, my calculations are too optimistic and I have a reality check within the first months, I will rise my monthly buying amount to make up for any missing Leo tokens from my budget.

I will use the opportunity of cheap Leo right now to buy more than 1.75k per month and prepare for the winter (my wallet winter) or the price of Leo skyrocketing and me not being able to gobble to much $leo per month.

So here's what I'm looking at:

Month | Delegation | Curation | Leo rewards | HBD rewards | Market orders -|-|-|-|-|- January | 1.5k | 500 | 800 | 1500 | 3000 February | 1.6k | 570 | 800 | 1500 | 3000 March | 1.7k | 640 | 800 | 1500 | 3000 April | 1.8k | 710 | 800 | 1500 | 2500 June | 1.9k | 780 | 800 | 1500 | 2500 July | 2k | 850 | 800 | 1500 | 2000 August | 2k | 920 | 800 | 1500 | 2000 September | 2k | 990 | 800 | 1500 | 2000 October | 2.1k | 1060 | 800 | 1500 | 1000 November | 2.2k | 1130 | 800 | 1500 | - December | 2.2k | 1200 | 800 | 1500 | -

If I follow this plan to the letter, I will be able to call myself an Apex Lion by the end of 2023.

It will be hard and it will take a lot of discipline. I am taking into account the fact that I will post on Hive one post per day, that's something I have never done before - I think on my best year I posted 300 times in total - and at least 4 times a week on LF.

Then I will refrain myself from using my Hive rewards to buy any other token and I will become a $leo maximalist when it comes to Layer2 platforms on top of Hive.

Then I will continuously delegate my earned Hive power to @leo.voter, perhaps every single day, so that my delegation rewards compound daily.

I will also need to curate daily and seek for the best ROI, that means browsing LF daily and trying to maximize my rewards.

Apart from that, I will also have to DCA my way into LF, that means having to funnel IRL money into Leo, that means taking more side gigs - because those are what drive my crypto purchases, I never use my main income to buy crypto.

So yes, it's going to be a very ambitious year, but I will do whatever it takes to become an Apex Lion by 2023.

What about you? Have you seen the official #myleogoals announcement yet?

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