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I still don't trust Appics. I know you've been on Hive (and before) for a while and you probably know this, but they've been since before SteemFest 2. I met the team back then and talked to them again in Poland for SF3.

I have never ever believed they are for real. They collected tons of money back then to make something amazing and never delivered, they are always saying soon but to me, Appics is not a sound investment man, just because of the team which is more bla bla than results. Just my 2 cents.

Regarding CUB though, I bought 300 when the price was at $3, been holding since.

Yesterday I bought that same amount in dollars, now I hold 2,900 CUB, staked them in Kingdoms and will ride the wave (or continue to ride it).

Put your money where your mouth is, right? I am not wealthy, so putting in 1k USD in there was a serious buy in for me but hey, you gotta make decisions every once in a while huh?


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