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4 months ago - 7 minutes read

I'm in permanent hustling mode. That's negative and I've been looking for ways to change that mindset.

We are humans, not robots, we need leisure time every now and then. My main issue with this mentality is that I always measure my time in terms of money earned or money not earned.

This has lead me to not being able to enjoy myself whenever I am not monetizing my activities. Hive contributed to this mindset. It's been five years that, whenever I am doing something, if I can't take pictures and them write about it on Hive, I see the activity as lost potential income.

Don't get me wrong, it is actually a good thing to know how much money is your time worth, because it allows you to be able to prioritize things you have to get done, but it also cripples you if you can't get rid of this mindset when it is chill time*.

Nowadays, I can't fully enjoy family time and I definitely feel like I am wasting my time whenever I watch a series or just hang out with friends.

As I said, it is one thing to be able to filter out time drainers from actual meaningful experiences, and it is a completely different one to just filter out everything that is not making you money and just blatantly stop engaging in time wasters.

It's all about productivity

The issue with not keeping on check your hustler mentality is that you can easily fall into the category of always working, no free time, so why does he work for?.

Making money is not correlated with how much you work, but with how smart you work. The point here being that 4 hours of focused and efficient work can trump 8 hours of normal work.

I wake up every single day, even on Sundays, at 5 am, sometimes even earlier depending on when my body decides to wake up and how I feel when I wake up. Some days I will wake up by myself - no alarm - at 3:30am and since my body just got out of REM and I feel energized and on alpha mode, I take the chance to start a new day earlier.

But I am straying from the point of this post: Productivity.

Artificial intelligence has been around for decades now, but it's only in 2022 that they are trending among creators and founders as tools that everyone can use to make the most out of their daily life and daily hustle. You have to know how to leverage them correctly, and you have to be an organized person, otherwise you will end up with hundreds of tools without an actual purpose and you will definitely get lost in the so much to do, so many tools to use, but no focus nor purpose midnset.

Over the past two months I've been searching for productivity enhancing tools that allow me to get more done in less time, and I just came up with the biggest, most in-depth list of websites, ways, and hacks to enhance your productivity:

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Scribe allows you to turn any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly. I've seen countless tutorials on Hive about processes, but what if I told you that you no longer need to do it all manually, because Scribe records everything you do in your PC and then provides a guide with screenshots of said process?

Untools is a collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems. I am a problem solver and most of my work depends on decision making, which is why I use untools to help me frame and assess a situation correctly and come up with the solution that fits best my desired endpoint.

Working from home changed how the workplace operates, and communication skills are a must for anyone who is working remotely and has a couple of online video meetings. Poised is a great AI tool for speakers to get better at public speaking, but it also works wonders for improving your voice communication skills.

This is a highly valuable tool for those who engage in phone calls or attend presentations frequently. If you have a voice meeting, you can launch Assembly to record what everyone says, and then provide you with a summary of what was discusses. Did I just provide @scaredycatguide the best tool out there for having a wensoon show summary right after the @leofinance AMA is over? Maybe.

@l337m45732 and @khaleelkazi are pushing a super campaign about #memes on Threads. Forget about the crappy memegenerator website, SuperMeme is the next level AI meme generator that I will be using every single time I want to post a meme on threads or for when I want to memefy something.

Hive is full of people from all over the world, and since time zones are - and will continue to be - an issue for most people, I decided to include this simple tool for keeping an eye on Time zones and also being able to run your schedule in a single place. World Time Buddy is also a great free alternative for those who can't pay for the next tool.

I know, Google calendar is great an all, but Calendly takes scheduling to the next level by letting other people schedule meetings with you and allowing you to organize your workday in a simple yet powerful way. It runs with a monthly fee but it is a tiny one, if you can afford it, it will definitely change your life.

I use MixKit to get the best stock music and sound effects for my videos, but this tool actually allows you to create full videos because it offers stock video clips and stock video templates.

Canva is great and it is actually my go-to web tool for image creation and edition, but to be blunt and honest, Canva's background remover is crappy. In comes Magic Eraser with a simple but powerful image editing remover. The best part is that it doesn't even ask you to log in!

I found out about this tool because of Forbes. Forbes has a great supply amazing and very informative articles, but most of the good stuff is behind a paywall. 12 feet ladder allows anyone to jump over these paywalls and read the article directly from the source (cache).

This one is probably the least useful for a global audience such as the one we have on Hive, but it is still useful. Have you ever called a company trying to reach for an actual human being's assistance instead of useless - and frustrating - stupid AI? Well, Get Human is a great tool that tells you exactly what to say/write in order to reach human's assistance as quickly as possible.

Dication is exactly what it sounds like. It is a tool that allows you to dictate anything to this AI and get it in written form. The reason I am including this on the list even though everyone has Siri or Cortana - if you are dumb enough to allow the app to listen to you at all times - is because it has no software agreement and it works with pretty much every important language on earth.

I know, there are hundreds of websites that provide stock photos, I am just including unsplash because it is the one I use.

This is a more niche tool, but it is useful as hell if you are a content creator - we're on Hive after all, duh! - or a work on marketing or growth. Glimpse allows you to track trends before they are actually a hit, and thus be ready for when the topic is trending for your post or video to go out and make bank on the views or clicks.

I always have like 47 tabs open at any given time, in fact to make this post I had around 50 tabs open. This is a productivity killer just because of the visual noise and constant reminder that you have a shiton to do. Snooze Tabs delivers an easy hack for those who like having everything open, but don't want to be distracted with it. Snooze a tab, let it come back to you at 3pm - or any other time.

I do a lot of research, both for my jobs' performance but also because I like to stay weekly informed on many topics. But reading every piece out there is hard, and even though newsletters are great, some times I enjoy doing research on my own. For that I use TLDR this, a simple tool that summarizes any piece of content into digestible and concise brief.

Notion is probably the most underestimated workspace by the normal internet user, but it is definitely the biggest trend among independent creators and small business founders. If you are not using Notion after the very moment you read this post, you are missing out on productivity and business opportunities. As simple as that.

In fact, Notion is so powerful that I have a separate post prepared just for Notion productivity.

I don't use Bardeen a lot, but the little I've used it I have come to realize that if I had people under my wing on either job I have, I would definitely tell them to use this tool to automate the simple stuff they have to do recurrently that we don't have code to do it for them.

This is probably the most important tool of the list, because it provides alternatives to all the Tools listed here. Granted, they might be simpler and not as powerful as the original one, but they will get the job done if you are not the CEO of a company or have a team working for you.

There are many tools online that solve specific problems in your workflow, but most of them are pay2win tools. Nobody has hundreds of dollars every month to just have bleeding edge tools, and Alternative To provides alternatives to these paid tools.

That's it.

I know they are not a lot of tools on this list, but I didn't want to make a 100+ item list - I could - and instead I wanted to provide you with the most useful AI powered tools I use on a daily basis to increase my productivity by around 300%.

I really hope you start using them, and once you do, maybe you can come back and leave a comment or reblog this post so it reaches more Hive eyes!

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