Ape Mining Club - New way to Earn APE token daily

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APE is the primary token behind Ape Mining Club.

In the past, the only way to earn APE was to buy it from the Hive Engine market, or earn it in game.

Starting today, we will be distributing APE to anyone who delegates Hive to @apeminingclub. This would be an equal share system, meaning you get a share of the daily available APE based on how much you delegate.

  • Only Hive delegations count towards rewards
  • APE distribution daily
  • Only active delegations count
  • No additional inflation created

APE rewards will come from @blockheadgames dev share of tokens, so no new inflation will be introduced. Depending on active delegations, a percentage of the APE balance on @blockheadgames will be distributed to all delegators daily.

We will not purchase equipment in game with our dev share of rewards, so the only other thing to do with our share is to sell it and provide liquidity. We feel this is a good alternative to putting our share on the market. We also don't feel it is fair to purchase equipment with our share thus unfairly competing with our own players.

You can delegate any amount of Hive but rewards can only be distributed if your share is at least 0.001 APE. There will be no way to roll over rewards to overcome this, so keep that in mind.

There is no promise or guarantee the delegation will be used to vote on any specific type of content or specific users.

If you want to take part, delegate any amount of Hive Power to @apeminingclub to take part in the daily APE distribution.

APE earned through delegation can be used to purchase mining equipment in game or take part in token holder rewards when others purchase equipment.

Up to 1% of @blockheadgames APE balance will be distributed daily based on active delegations.

The first APE distribution will happen tomorrow at midnight UTC.


Ā  Ā  Ā  Never go full ape!

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