Owning a House: The Difference Between Rich and Poor Mindset

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2 months ago - 3 minutes read

While posting this under construction modern glass house (in Tagaytay) online, I didn't think there'd be any issue at all. For me it's just like any other property. If you like high end ones or luxury houses that's fine with me.

But since we all have different preferences, I have received several comments on my personal posts (not really classified ads) about this. Most usually come from people like me who aren't rich at all and cannot afford upscale and luxury homes.

I never expected "violent reactions" but hey I definitely received some. šŸ˜† For example here are the comments I got from them:

  1. People who would live or are living in glass houses are exhibitionists.
  2. Security issue, it would be easy to break the windows.
  3. People who live in houses with "big windows" as walls would bring neighboring property value down.
  4. In short, they think people who would make such houses are stupid for even thinking of making or living in one.

See how these are all negative comments? But what would the people who like or adore glass houses say? Would they even care?

Most people who make these homes are probably the newly rich or those who have a wealthy mindset. There are those who even consider modern glass houses as their Dream Homes! Here's the most probable reasons why:

  1. Glass houses are usually made of strong materials, like plexiglass, etc., and thus are able to withstand the natural elements or accidental/deliberately thrown stones, etc.
  2. Here in the Philippines, these types of homes are built within high end and secured subdivisions. Most have wonderful views of the ocean or is elevated quite high up in the mountains or hills with rarely busy streets because of its exclusivity.
  3. House owners are nature lovers who appreciate and enjoy seeing the greeneries and wonderful views while safely indoors. They wake up or lounge in their bedrooms or living rooms enjoying the scenic outdoors and lovely weather. For example, they marvel at the setting or rising sun over verdant trees while cooking, reading, watching their favorite TV shows or playing with their dogs, etc.

See the difference? The former kinds of people seem to have a sourgraping attitude and maybe are mostly afraid of what others think or say. Meanwhile the latter are happy and enjoy living their lives while basking in the glory of nature.

Which one are you? šŸ˜‰ XOXO, @artgirl

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