MY First MEME Post Regarding BTC

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@asgharali10 months ago
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Dear All, It's my first post using the meme front end, and I'm grateful to @dynamicrypto for inviting me. I'm hoping the community will accept me and that everyone will enjoy the memes. I was considering what kind of meme should be included these days when the idea of including some amusing BTC-related memes came to me. which, huge kudos to pumping and dumping, is currently very volatile. Investors and traders are useless at knowing when to buy or sell. So I make a meme with two zombies looking at BTC in the first image just before the dip. Following the BTC crash, they only experience electrical shocks. The following meme is about those who imagine what cryptocurrency traders might look like. People believe that traders are among the highest earners and lead fulfilling lives, but they are unaware of the truth. The second image, which they see after being startled, shows how the actual cryptocurrency traders appear.

It's my first post about a meme, and I hope I did it rightly. @dynamicrypto Please assist me if any corrections are still needed so that the next post will be better.

We appreciate your reading.

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