What Motivates Hive To Offer Help to Communities asked by The media?

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Hello good morning, trust we all doing great this morning, It has been a great journey with Hive so far, the massive impact Hive is having around the world is just amazing. As most of us arre aware about the Hive borehole that most Ghanaians communities are benefiting from through the Hive Empowers community project. On the 22nd day of March 2023, of course was the world day for water and sanitation celebration, Hive commissioned a borehole to the people of Asamang to solve the issue of water challenge.

Some media house were invited to graced this occasion and in this video is a message I had with the media. They wanted to find out why Hive is helping communities with Boreholes and other projects like distribution of exercise books and sourvenoirs to schools. In answering this question, this question, I made emphasis on how water is a challenge around the world especially in our part of the world. Hive as a decentralized platform have realized the need of giving back to the society. They also asked that if the community pays or contribute anything in support of the project.? I continued by saying, the community does not pay anything, is a fully funded project by the Hive ecosystem. I again made emphasis on people also investing their time, money on Hive blockchain so together we can bring about the change the world seeks. This in summary is what transpired in the video. As we continue to make impact with lets, wholeheartedly makes the platform relevant to others we help as well. Thank you for watching.

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