Words Dedicated to the Ten elderly blacks that were shot at Tops Supermarket, the worshippers who were killed a few days after and the victims of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

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image.png Source My heart is broken into a million Pieces; words have become a cliché To express my innermost feelings. This life has me prone to vulnerability; We are nothing but dust.

Is this what we bargained for?? What wrong did we do as mortals Born into this world?? My heart is shattered and my brains Are numb.

God Who is Light has no darkness In Him at all yet He Who shines forth As Light created the destroyer. He lives in glory and splendour and Basks in eternal radiance and is good.

Yet His creation fumes with violence And bloodshed and all the evil you Can and cannot imagine. My heart bleeds with agony, with Pain that resonates with the tragedy

That has every so often characterized This cold world. What a pity we humans are! Born into a world where demons abide, Where we're in constant battle.

I'm weak, I'm worn, I'm tired. Man is desperately wicked and it doesn't get any crazier than what it is now. My heart is restless and emotionless; The skies will be gray for a long while.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus And grant us the world You promised When You sojourned this earthly space. This world has nothing for us, has nothing in us.

A tale was told of a world where Suffering clothed its inhabitants And abject misery dwelled on its borders.

Now more than ever, we long for that other world where pain and all its synonyms are literally inexistent. Only You Jesus can save so come Quickly we pray!!!

image.png Source the image here was copied from the address below and not my work