AI will benefit Greatly from blockchain technology

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The way artificial intelligence works, it constantly has to have access to data, this is something that we don't often elaborate on, data is an asset, regardless of what it is, you'd be surprised how scenarios can make the littlest things become valuable.

People often say the Internet never forgets, while the perspective is totally understood, the Internet does forget, but the people may not. The problem with this is that it isn't quite time efficient, relying on people is a no no, one could die or simply not be available to render the needed service, thus, placing humans as the only source for data is practically building on an inefficient system, it is simply not functional to a great deal.

That said, an alternative system that performs better than humans and the Internet memory itself is required, this is the distributed ledger, more commonly called the blockchain. What people do not really understand when they say things like "Web3" and the "Metaverse" is that these things are powered by blockchain technology. Without the distributed ledger, they are inefficient. Without distributed consensus, they are centralized and not long-term functional. Without incentivization, the economy is set up to fail. The next phase of the Internet will rely on blockchain, this is how the world would eventually have access to an Internet that does not forget.

AI's success is subject to blockchain adoption

A lot of people may not know this but the reason crypto and blockchain technology cannot be stopped is because the future greatly depends on it. Business owners will need its technology to reach a larger customer base. The ease of trade transactions makes it ideal for growth within any sector. Russia is one of the countries already realizing this. Projects that decide to work outside the emerging technology will be doing themselves a great harm.

So, with AI we can say the same. Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly one of the things geared to redefine how humans get work done regardless of the field. But the problem with AI is that it is subject to the data it is fed, without access to them, it knows nothing. Another problem is that it will cost a lot to store this data, not to mention processing it, so a means to out-source the loads it carries is largely needed.

Most of us know of ChatGPT, it's a great tool, I've used it once to do some lazy research, I figured its knowledge is limited, which is expected given that it relies on what it is being fed and really doesn't have access to anything else. What would make this type of tool more efficient is blockchain technology.


It's quite simple, the bot doesn't just dish out information, it processes all it has been fed and creates an answer in its own language. Using Hive as a blockchain of focus, if ChatGPT were to rely on our network as a data resource, each time a user sends a query, the bot simply calls the nodes to retrieve the needed information, once all related pieces have been acquired, it can then rewrite it in a conversational manner and present to the user.

The benefits of this is that the bot does not really have to store any information in the process, even the conventions would not be stored, it could rather be encrypted to keep the user's private information safe given that it's integrated with the blockchain. Meaning only the user can access it. By this, the AI not only saves on memory cost, it also has access to immutable data, given that even when something is erased from the frontends, the nodes still have it backed up, which means the blockchain still has it to give out. With blockchain powering the vast majority of the Web and resource platforms, Artificial Intelligence would be able to scale more efficiently and may actually become a threat to Google

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