LEO Arbitrage - the effects of polycub

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This screenshot was taken some minutes after the official launch announcement of polycub, the price of Leo took a quick climb up the charts. This is the effect I've been waiting for, though not sure how bullish this trend would be compared to last time, but if it's much stronger, then this is a good time to pay more attention to prices.

Leo is expanding on a daily basis, and that's a really good thing. Some time back it was just Leo on hive engine, then the expansion to the Ethereum network, the binance smart chain, and now, back at Ethereum, but, on a layer two solution, polygon, which means? Way cheaper fees

Development takes quite a turn on any project economy, this has over time proven valid. The market's bullishness is always unmatched when it comes to the excitement surrounding developments, and I'm quite optimistic that this could have a good effect on LEO as a native token. Leo is supreme because everything boils down to it, it's only inevitable that the compounds acquire somehow flow back to Leo, so that means I am much in love with Leo, and definitely hungry for anything that earns me more.

Leo Arbitrage - what to do?

Some of us want more Leo tokens, and by some I mean me, can't speak for anyone else. As such, Arbitrage + blogging is my biggest move to acquire it. This requires me to play around DEXs and numerous mediums, including centralised exchanges, fingers crossed. I'm more in love with any method of arbitrage apparently, since I discovered this, I've been a market keeper because I found myself spending much time there.

So if you're looking to earn more Leo, here's something that might interest you, once again.


If you're rich, stay away, if you're not, come forward, these large pockets need to give us some room, Christ…

Spot markets are lame, I love diesel pools. If you compare this screenshot with that one at the very top of this post, you'll notice a difference, price difference precisely.

Note that this was taken the same time, and while Leo was trading at $0.26 on tribaldex, it was trading at $0.2346 on pancakeswap. Now, with this, a 40 dollar trade can earn you additional $3. Now, the thing with arbitrage on DEXs is that you just have to start small, because a huge price impact could incur losses.

I did my calculations, minus transaction fees and I must say, the reward is worth the job done. This is very little spike compared to what might possibly be ahead. I'm just hanging tight for the big move, it's gonna be fun being able to play around these DEXs for some more Leo tokens. Crypto makes my life meaningful, lol.

Here's a guide on how to do this properly

Happy trading… Happy Sunday…

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