Tokenization; Unlocking Digital Possibilities

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While researchers believe "Tokenized Real Estate Hasn’t Lived Up to the Hype" I stand to oppose that the cryptocurrency markets is yet to reach the numbers that will unlock lots of possibilities. Real Estates has been the rich man game, crypto will change that factor into a "business at everyone's reach". After the bulls, comes the bears, but what comes after that?

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There is no doubt that in the game of two players, one emerges as a winner, leaving the other as a loser. This applies to what is expected at every rise of investment market value, because age is the only number immune to the laws of gravity. That said, the network will embrace gains and equally dispense them. However, the cryptocurrency industry wasn't meant to keep up with the seasonal pump and dump shit, it wasn't a routine without actual backings, this is where the real "developments" will emerge and mass adoption observed.

Currently, DeFi and NFTs have turned the capitalist playground, the space is obsessed and the government is worried about what will barely be mentioned when actual expansions take place. Though the world tends to place its bets on "Digitalization" but the truth remains that "Reality" brings us back to the open world. Building businesses in a digital world would not actually displace the fact that "visibility" means eye captured not screen captured. Notwithstanding, the world is bound to "represent" each "physical" in the "digital"


Tokenization; Unlocking Digital Possibilities

Tokenized property remains niche largely due to its relative novelty and remaining regulatory uncertainties. Yet a new report has noted that even if just 0.5% of the total global property market were to be tokenized in the next five years, it would be on track to become a $1.4-trillion market. cointelegraph

Tokenization in its basics, simply means; bringing physically existing value to a digital rim. Let's take our attention away from the estimated value of the market and put some on the "possibilities" that would be given way to. Most businesses are finding it difficult to scale through and embrace the masses, but with the way crypto has been able to connect vast majorities, it's a starting point to gage the merits of the network. Real Estates as mentioned before, has been a population limited investment, very few of the total interest get to have a chance in the field. Tokenization however builds a block of finality but opens wider financial possibilities.

“Tokenizing residential real estate on blockchain has the promise to provide efficient and open access to the largest asset class in the U.S. not just for younger people but for anyone who wants to invest in real estate without having the funds for an entire property transaction".reference

For the most of it, lots of people have failed to notice how crypto has made every penny significant. In the open world, small unit investments are given very little regard, but in a cryptocurrency space, every penny contributes significantly to the entire network. This is the idea that will pull major businesses to the space, small unit investors having yarn for a space to capitalize on and grow their bag of income will find embracing blockchain powered sectors a field of zero impossibilities.

Tokenization will open up possibilities that were barely perceived by the masses, as the network expands, so will the possibilities. It's a limitless network for a previously limited economy, to embrace a world of efficient growth.

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