HBD touched 4$ a few minutes back - Good time to swap your HBD to Hive

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

I just woke up only a few minutes back. As usual, when I was checking my discord notifications I noticed a few people talking about HBD price pumping. It was a big surprise to me. I guess someone bought the wrong coin or intentionally bought HBD to pump the price.

I wanted to quickly use this opportunity. I had around 49 HBD sleeping in my account for the past month. I quickly swapped it for Hive in the internal market. This is definitely a great opportunity if the price is just a temporary thing. If the price is going to be around 3.9 USD forever then this may not be a great trade. But I believe this will definitely be a temporary thing and HBD would get back to the 1$ mark soon.


Not financial advice but people who are having lots of HBD in their account can utilize this golden opportunity to swap their HBD to Hive. But when this news spreads there will be lots of people trying to do this and there might be a high possibility that due to pressure HBD can be brought back to 1 USD.

In my case, I don't really care if the price stays in 3.9 USD forever or if it pumps to 7 $ per HBD. As today is the Hive Power up day, I wanted to convert some of my HBD already to do some decent power up. But I look at this HBD pump as an opportunity for a quick trade. It is usually not a long-lasting moment and not everyone witnesses this. HBD value going 4 X is a rare event. I also noticed a small pump in the price of Hive as well.

If you are reading the article now, you can act fast because already while writing the article HBD has dropped to 3.150 USD per HBD.


In my opinion, I would say that this is still a good price for a quick trade.

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